Monday, April 4, 2011

My Budget: March

Total spent in March on groceries & household supplies: $313.60
Total saved in March on groceries & household supplies: $421.76 (57%)

I wish I could say that these numbers were an April fools joke...but alas, they are not. I went more than $100 over my monthly goal! However, I knew that my April budget was going to be much under $200, so I was okay with going over in March.

We had a crazy month in March. I took two meals to my hubby's grandparents, who have special dietary needs (== $$), and two meals in to friends who had babies. Plus I had my brother & his wife over for dinner & game night this month, and there's always that $15 green salad fiasco.

On the bright side, I did do some serious stocking up on children's vitamins, diapers, toilet paper, tylenol/ibuprophen, (free) pasta and yogurt this month. Plus, thanks to Rite Aid, my Easter basket fillers are all purchased & done with!

Total spent in March eating out: $70.51

This eating out total included a surprise lunch with my hubby on a day we were both working, (he called me up and told me he was waiting by the front doors downstairs to take me to lunch. Aww!), an eat out with some friends, and a date night with the hubs. So not too shabby. I really do feel like this number is smaller than it used to be, even though I never quoted the running tally to my hubby once this month.

How are you all doing with your budgets? Have you set goals for this year? If not, do it! I predict that writing down what you spend will help you spend less, too!

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Josh and Jess Pace said...

Hey so pretty much love this blog and have been checking it often lately...Hope u don't mind if I refer people to it from my blog! Hope all is well!

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