Friday, January 28, 2011

16x20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $29

I've been watching deals on gallery wrapped canvas prints for four or five months now. I'm dead set on getting one to put on my mantle above the fireplace (whether or not my hubby likes it, right?). Until today, the cheapest I'd seen them was $39. Today's deal blows that price out of the water! So if you're in the market for a gallery wrapped canvas as well -- you're welcome. :)

Today only, Zulily has a deal on a 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas AND a bonus 5x7 gallery wrapped canvas through Image Canvas for only $39. If you use code BABIES10 at checkout, it takes off an additional $10, making your final price only $29!

February Buy & Save Promo @ Rite Aid

Rite Aid is running another Buy & Save promo for February. Here are the details: buy $100+ of participating items using your Wellness+ card and get a $20 +UP Reward. There is a list of participating items below (click the image to enlarge). Promo ends 2/26/11.

For those of you who didn't participate in January -- here's how it works. Your running total is printed on the bottom of your receipt throughout the month, and your total is tallied automatically. Once you hit the $100 mark, your $20 +UP Reward prints automatically at the bottom of your receipt. That's it! Easy peasy.

Note: Your total is tallied based on pre-coupon prices (yay!), but the "free" item from a BOGO sale does not count toward your total.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weforia - New Daily Deal Site (With $10 Credit!)

Weforia is a new daily deal site. It doesn't have any "Salt Lake City" deals yet (I'm sure they will eventually), but they do have plenty of online deals that we can take part in.

Right now if you sign up, you can enter promo code FIRSTSAVE to get a $10 credit in your account (expires 1/31/11). Could make for a good deal!

$25 for $55 Worth of Shabby Apple Dresses!

My jaw dropped when I saw this Eversave deal today! You can purchase a $55 gift certificate to Shabby Apple for only $25. (And if you have your $5 sign-up credit, it's only $20!)

I own a Shabby Apple dress that I love, love, love. I'm always browsing their site, wishing I had another. Their dresses are fashionable and modest, which I love!

Most dresses on their site range between $75 and $90, so this certificate makes your price for an actual dress between 33% off and 40% off overall. (Much cheaper than any discount code I've seen!)

LINK to Shabby Apple to browse
LINK to Eversave's deal

Win a $5 Cellfire e-Coupon Today! (1/27/11)

Log into your Cellfire account today (Thursday) between 11 AM and 3 PM MST before midnight (it's been extended!) to win a $0.50, $1, $2 or $5 e-coupon! The coupon is valid on anything during your next purchase. Wahoo!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CSN Stores Review Coming Soon!

I have the chance to do another review for CSN Stores and their Modern Dining Room Furniture store. I'll admit, I love doing their reviews because they've got such a fun selection online. I could seriously browse for hours.

Right now I'm in love with this:

{How pretty are these goblets!?}

and this:

{My living room could use some fun throw pillows.}

and this:

{My microplane just died. I must be hard on graters for some reason? But this one is so cute!}

and this:

{Hello, shopping lists! Holy crap, I could be so much more productive with this.}

and this:

{My desk would be so grateful for this.}

What are you in love with?

42 New Pampers Gifts To Grow Points!

Here is a new 42 point Pampers Gifts to Grow code!

VMF776C7HMXXT4A (42 points)

If you're not a member of Pampers iVillage yet, join HERE first. You'll get on their mailing list to receive lots of valuable coupons!

If you haven't entered them before, these old codes should all still be valid for you:
  • pampersgtg10pts (10)
  • 2BEGINEARNING50 (50)
  • 10PTSFREECODE4U (10)
  • PUNTOSPARAMI123 (10)
  • WELCOME2GTG2010 (10)

Smith's Deals (1/26 - 2/1)

Click HERE for the Grocery Smarts List (a printable matchup of all weekly sales with manufacturer's coupons). I also added a link to it on the right hand side! -->

Don't forget to add e-coupons to your Smith's Fresh Rewards card HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. (Keep in mind that Smith's no longer accepts a paper MFQ combined with an e-coupon MFQ.)

{Print the Smith's coupon policy HERE.}

Smith's is having a decent Game Day Promo this week! Buy 10 participating P&G items and save $5 instantly at checkout. Here are a few of my favorites!

$0.49 Hunts Tomatoes (when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1/3 e-coupon HERE or $0.45/3 MFQ (SS 1/23)
= $0.16 - $0.34 each wyb 3

$1.49 Kettle Brand Potato Chips
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1/2 MFQ HERE
= $0.99

$1.99 Garden of Eatin' Chips
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
= $0.99

$0.50 Balance Bar, 1.76 oz
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1/3 MFQ HERE or HERE (print 4 per computer!)
= $0.17 each

$5.50 Duracell Batteries, 2-10 ct
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1.50 MFQ (RP 12/12)
= $4.00

$3.99 Izze Sparkling Drinks, 4-pack
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
= $2.99

$1.49 Kraft Singles, 16 ct
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
= $0.49

$1.49 Pace Picante or Salsa
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$0.40/2 MFQ (SS 12/5)
= $1.29 each wyb 2

$0.99 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$0.50/2 MFQ HERE
= $0.74

$2.99 Red Baron Pan Pizza
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/23)
= $1.99

$0.49 Rotel Tomatoes
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1/3 MFQ HERE or B3G1 MFQ (All You Magazine, Jan 2011)
= $0.12 - $0.16 each wyb 3

$2.79 Silk Pure almond, Half Gallon
(when purchased in a group of 10 items)
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/16)
= $1.79

Homemade Freezer Burritos

I got tired of paying for tiny, overpriced frozen burritos, just to keep the hubby happy. So I decided to make my own!

10 Large Tortillas
1 Box Mexican Style Rice-A-Roni
3 Cans Refried Beans
Taco or other seasoning, to taste
1 Package Kraft Shredded Cheese
(You could also add Chicken or Ground Beef if you choose)

1. I started by cooking a box of Mexican Style Rice-A-Roni as directed on the box.

I used 3 cans of refried beans that I had in my pantry, but next time I'll use dry pinto beans & make my own. I also set out 2 packages of cheese and 2 packages of tortillas, because I didn't know how many I would need.

2. Mix the refried beans & cooked rice in a large bowl until well-combined.

3. Scoop a generous amount of mixture onto the center of a tortilla. Top with shredded cheese and roll up, "burrito" style. (It might take you a few tries to perfect your technique!) I used one entire bag of Kraft cheese.

4. Wrap the burrito tightly in aluminum foil.

5. Freeze and enjoy as needed! You can microwave these from frozen or thaw them first.

My mixture here actually made 11 burritos, but they're much bigger than the typical store-bought variety. They averaged out to $0.35 each for me, which is much cheaper (and healthier) than the alternative!

Costco Price Comparison List

I get emails all the time from readers asking me what a good price on a certain item is. Help is on the way!

Pinching Your Pennies forum has a Costco price list that they update frequently. Comparing the sale price you're interested in to the prices listed here is always a good place to start!

For many items, you should be able to blow the Costco price out of the water (diapers, toilet paper, cereal), but for other items Costco may be a good place to buy (Ziploc, certain produce). Go check it out!

(Bookmark this one!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winco Shopping Trip

I've gotten a few requests to see more details on my grocery shopping trips and meal planning. So here we are! My new year's resolutions included being better at meal planning and staying under $200 per month for groceries & household items, so documenting this will help me.

I stopped by Winco yesterday because it looks like I'm going to be under budget for January and I wanted to grab a few staples. I've been reading a new baby food book called Super Babyfood in an attempt to get a little more oomph into the Bambina's diet. The book is a little wordy, but has great recipes and suggestions on how to toss nutritious extras into everyday food.

(As an example of good insight from the Super Babyfood book -- the author suggests rolling slippery foods like bananas or cucumbers in something nutritious, like wheat germ, before serving. It gives the food some "grip" and gives the nutritional value a little boost. I can't wait to try this, as The Bambina won't feed herself bananas because she doesn't like her hands to get sticky or messy! This should help.)

$2.64 Minute Maid OJ x 2
$1.78 Kraft Cheese x 2
$4.23 Corndogs
$1.78 Fruit bowls
$1.93 Pizza Crust
$1.88 Romaine Hearts
$1.43 Applesauce
$1.39 Raisins
$0.82 Apples
$1.38 Tortillas x 2
$2.98 Nilla Wafers
$2.98 Stir Fry Veggies
$1.01 Pinto Beans ($0.52/lb) (cheaper than costco!)
$1.83 White Rice ($0.47/lb)
$2.42 Apple Rings ($2.75/lb)
$0.75 Black Beans ($0.77/lb)
$0.65 Instant Milk ($2.71/lb)
$0.30 Wheat Germ ($0.90/lb)
$1.23 Walnut Halves ($3.98/lb)
$0.99 Quinoa ($3.52/lb)
-BOGO Minute Maid MFQ
= $37.75 + tax
The tricky thing about Winco is that you don't see your savings in the form of a "percentage," (which the mathematician in me loves) because their everyday prices are so low. But that's also what's so great -- their everyday prices are so low!

Winco happened to have their white rice on sale for $0.47/lb (down from $0.51), so I bought a few pounds of that. I also love making my own beans, so I bought some more dry pinto & black beans. The instant milk, wheat germ, walnut halves, and quinoa are for The Bambina's.

The corndogs were a splurge, and something to have in the freezer for the Hubby when he gets snacky. He's been asking me to buy him freezer burritos like crazy lately. So I did him one better and bought the ingredients to make my own freezer burritos. (More on that later!)

Remember, if you're ever wondering what the bulk price of something is at Winco, you can always find that out HERE.

Free Sample Roundup


Here are a few free samples available right now!

$50 Worth of Winder Dairy For Only $20!

Today at Groupon you can get $50 worth of Winder Dairy products delivered to your home (with no delivery fees or sign up fees) for only $20! New customers only.

This is a great deal! It's the same one I bought a few months ago from Deals That Matter. I haven't used my voucher yet but I'm planning on using it in February!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I skipped Rite Aid this week (because their ad was downright depressing), but I did stop by Walgreens this morning.

$5.24 Maalox x 5
$5.24 Gas-X Prevention
-$5 Maalox MFQ x 5
-$4 Gas-X MFQ
= $2.44 + tax

(And I got back a $10 RR)

I'm going to sit on this RR and probably use it next week. But you could turn around and buy diapers with it this week for a great deal!

$40 Photogaphy Session + 11x14 Portrait!

Today's Screamin' Deal is worth mentioning -- it's a professional photography package from Fotogenix that includes your session sitting fees, plus an 11x14 portrait for only $40! The regular prices for this package is $125.

  • Session includes a variety of individual & group shots.
  • Session allows for clothing changes, if desired.
  • Choose from 3 session locations (Syracuse, Orem & Sandy).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walgreens Deals (1/23 - 1/29)

{Confused? Learn how to shop at Walgreens HERE.}

{Print the Walgreens coupon policy HERE.}

$3.49 Colgate ProClinical Toothpaste, 4 oz
-$2.50 RR
= $0.99

$8.99 Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers
-$2 MFQ (SS 1/23)
-$2 RR
= $4.99

$4.99 Got2b Hair Stylers
-$2 MFQ (All You Magazine, Dec 2010)
-$2 RR
= $0.99

$3.99 Nivea for Men Arctic Freeze Shave Gel or After Shave
-$3 RR
= $0.99

$4.99 Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash, 1 liter
-$2 WAG Q (in-store)
-$2 MFQ (P&G 12/26)
= $0.99

$1.99 Kraft Dressing, 16 oz
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 1/23)
-$1/2 WAG Q (in-store)
= $0.99 each wyb 2

$4.99 Gold Bond Body Wash, 12.5 oz
-$3 RR
= $0.99

$4.49 Gas-X Prevention x 3
$5.09 Maalox, 12 oz x 4
-$4 Gas-X MFQ (SS 12/12) x 3
-$5 Maalox MFQ (SS 1/9) x 4
-$10 RR wyb $30+
= $8.17 profit!

2/$5 Keebler Crackers or Cookies
-$1/2 MFQ (RP 12/12) HERE
-$2/2 WAG Q (in-store)
= $1 each wyb 2

$10 Omega Smart Ultimate Super Critical Fish Oil, 30 ct
-$10 MIR (prints at checkout)
= $2 profit!

$9.99 True2go Blood Glucose Monitor
-$9.99 MIR on package

Rite Aid Deals (1/23 - 1/29)

Load e-coupons to your Rite Aid card at Upromise HERE. Today is the start of February videos. Watch the beauty videos to earn a $4/20 RAQ. February SCR's begin on Wednesday. (Strange, right?)

Note: If there is no +UP limit stated in the ad, it is usually unlimited.

{Confused? Learn how to shop at Rite Aid HERE.}
{Print the Rite Aid coupon policy HERE.}

*It's a slow week!*

$1.99 GE Extra Soft White Light Bulbs, 4-pack
-$1.99 +UP Reward

$7.99 Just For Men Touch of Gray
-$7.99 MIR HERE
= $2 profit!

$0.50 Skittles or Starburst x 2
-$0.50/2 MFQ HERE
-$0.25 January Video Values Coupon
-$0.25 February Video Values Coupon
= 2 FREE

2/$1 Hershey's Special Dark Candy Bar
-BOGO MFQ (SS 1/9)
= $0.25 each wyb 2

2/$5 Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant x 2
$4.99 Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash x 2
-B1G1 MFQ (P&G 12/26) x 2
-$1/2 Old Spice Deo MFQ (P&G 12/26)
= $1 each wyb 4

2/$5 Nestle Valentine Candy x 2
-$1.50/2 MFQ HERE
-$1 +UP Reward wyb 2
= $1.25 each

$2.99 Stayfree Maxi Pads x 2
-BOGO MFQ (SS 1/9)
-$1 MFQ (RP 11/7) or HERE or HERE
= $1.00 each wyb 2
*Get $20 +UP Reward wyb $100+.

2/$7 Pantene Haircare
-$3/2 MFQ (P&G 12/26)
-$1 +UP Reward wyb 2
= $1.50 each wyb 2

$5.99 Brawny Paper Towels 8-pack, or Quilted Northern 12-pack
-$1 +UP Reward
= $4.99

Buy $30+ of Nature Made items, get a $16 +UP Reward. There is also a $5 MIR wyb $30+ (SS 1/16). If you still have $3 and $5 MFQ's from a while back, this could make for a great deal!

This is a slow week for freebies... but a pretty decent week for cosmetics! If you're running low, check the weekly ad for details on the cosmetics sales.

Scenario #1:
$1.99 GE Extra Soft Light Bulbs
$7.99 Just For Men Touch of Grey
$0.50 Skittles or Starburst
$0.50 Skittles or Starburst
$5.99 Quilted Northern, 12-pack
2/$5 Nestle Valentine Candy x 2
-$4/20 RAQ
-$2 Just For Men MFQ HERE
-$0.50/2 Skittles MFQ HERE
-$0.25 January Skittles Video Values Coupon
-$0.25 February Skittles Video Values Coupon

-$1.50/2 MFQ HERE

= $13.47 + tax
(And get back $3.99 +UP Reward and
$7.99 MIR HERE.)

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