Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winco Shopping Trip

I've gotten a few requests to see more details on my grocery shopping trips and meal planning. So here we are! My new year's resolutions included being better at meal planning and staying under $200 per month for groceries & household items, so documenting this will help me.

I stopped by Winco yesterday because it looks like I'm going to be under budget for January and I wanted to grab a few staples. I've been reading a new baby food book called Super Babyfood in an attempt to get a little more oomph into the Bambina's diet. The book is a little wordy, but has great recipes and suggestions on how to toss nutritious extras into everyday food.

(As an example of good insight from the Super Babyfood book -- the author suggests rolling slippery foods like bananas or cucumbers in something nutritious, like wheat germ, before serving. It gives the food some "grip" and gives the nutritional value a little boost. I can't wait to try this, as The Bambina won't feed herself bananas because she doesn't like her hands to get sticky or messy! This should help.)

$2.64 Minute Maid OJ x 2
$1.78 Kraft Cheese x 2
$4.23 Corndogs
$1.78 Fruit bowls
$1.93 Pizza Crust
$1.88 Romaine Hearts
$1.43 Applesauce
$1.39 Raisins
$0.82 Apples
$1.38 Tortillas x 2
$2.98 Nilla Wafers
$2.98 Stir Fry Veggies
$1.01 Pinto Beans ($0.52/lb) (cheaper than costco!)
$1.83 White Rice ($0.47/lb)
$2.42 Apple Rings ($2.75/lb)
$0.75 Black Beans ($0.77/lb)
$0.65 Instant Milk ($2.71/lb)
$0.30 Wheat Germ ($0.90/lb)
$1.23 Walnut Halves ($3.98/lb)
$0.99 Quinoa ($3.52/lb)
-BOGO Minute Maid MFQ
= $37.75 + tax
The tricky thing about Winco is that you don't see your savings in the form of a "percentage," (which the mathematician in me loves) because their everyday prices are so low. But that's also what's so great -- their everyday prices are so low!

Winco happened to have their white rice on sale for $0.47/lb (down from $0.51), so I bought a few pounds of that. I also love making my own beans, so I bought some more dry pinto & black beans. The instant milk, wheat germ, walnut halves, and quinoa are for The Bambina's.

The corndogs were a splurge, and something to have in the freezer for the Hubby when he gets snacky. He's been asking me to buy him freezer burritos like crazy lately. So I did him one better and bought the ingredients to make my own freezer burritos. (More on that later!)

Remember, if you're ever wondering what the bulk price of something is at Winco, you can always find that out HERE.


The Martin Family said...

I just wish that place was closer! It seems like such a trek every time I go. Is that where you normally go...beside the Smith's sales? I need to better at the grocery coupon shopping!

Annalisa said...

Good question! I probably only go to Winco once a month (I wish it were closer, too!). I mostly hit Smith's sales hard, then I do the pricematching at Walmart probably every other week. And of course Reams when I totally forget I need something, ha ha.

amanda said...

I love those bulk bins at Winco! I developed a love for quinoa when my husband and I lived in Ecuador. It's so cheap there! And so good for you! I was so excited the first time I saw quinoa at Winco and I'm pretty sure the price is better than anywhere else in Salt Lake.

Thanks for the tips!

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