Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Taylor Swift Speak Now MP3 Album $0.99 @ Amazon!

Alright you Taylor Swift fans -- listen up! You can get Taylor's brand new Speak Now album for only $0.99 at Amazon from now until Sunday night at midnight!

Here's how to get it:
1. Click HERE and enter code STUDENT3 (this will give you a FREE $3 download credit!)
2. Click HERE to add Taylor's new album to your cart.
3. Proceed to checkout and follow instructions to download.

Wahoo! Music to your ears. :)

{Thanks, Slickdeals!}

Friday, October 29, 2010

Reader Question - How Much To Pay For Toilet Paper?

I got an email recently from a reader who wanted to know how I decide what is a good price on toilet paper.

Great question! I like to compare my toilet paper prices with Sam's Club, Costco or Amazon for a good reference. (Betcha didn't know Amazon had good prices on TP, huh?) Then I aim to beat their prices by at least half when I'm using coupons, and especially when shopping at Rite Aid for toilet paper, which would mean a price of around $0.25/double roll or less.

Here are the current prices of toilet paper at Sam's Club:
  • Quilted Northern, 36 jumbo rolls - $18.78 ($0.52/roll)
  • Charmin Ultra, 36 jumbo rolls - $18.56 ($0.52/roll)
  • Store Brand, 36 jumbo rolls - $16.98 ($0.47/roll)

Here are the current prices of toilet paper at Amazon:

Did you know you can save an additional 15% on all of these toilet papers if you do Amazon's Subscribe & Save option? That takes them down to $0.57/roll, $0.42/double roll and $0.47/double roll, respectively. They will ship you this product every XXX number of months (you choose) so you don't have to remember to reorder, and you can cancel at any time. Pretty sweet.

The other thing I love about Amazon is free delivery to your doorstep and no sales tax. You always need to remember to take sales tax into account!

Now I know there is some debate about double vs jumbo rolls, and some debate that you should calculate the square footage of your prospective toilet paper to calculate which deal is the best.

(Seriously? The square footage!? I'm just not that hardcore.)

Plus, everyone has their favorite brand of toilet paper that they're willing to pay just a smidgen more for. (Mine is Cottonelle.)

When you do find a good deal on toilet paper that hits your pricepoint (in my case, $0.25/double roll or less), you should definitely stock up and not wait until you're down to your last square. You can check out a few of my toilet-paper buying transactions HERE and HERE and HERE, to get an idea.

However, if I were down to my last square, I would probably buy a pack at Sam's or Costco since they are the lowest regular price around... then I would scold myself for dropping the ball, and try to get back on the horse with clipping coupons!

Does anyone else have any toilet-paper buying tips to add? What do you consider to be a good price?

$50 Worth of Winder Food for $20!

Okay, so I've always wanted to try Winder Dairy but I haven't because...

a) They're too expensive!
b) The start up/shut down fees scare me

But today, I finally jumped in and I'm going to try it! Today's Deals That Matter deal is $50 worth of Winder food for $20, with a waived $15 sign up fee and a waived $2.99 delivery fee (which makes it a $68 value). You can cancel at any time with no fees.

Plus if it's your first order from Deals That Matter, you'll get a $5 credit which makes this deal only $15!

I already priced out their food online and here's what I'm planning to order with my $50:
  • Milk, half gallon ($2.99)
  • Orange Juice, half gallon ($4.99)
  • Fuji Apples ($5.79)
  • Kiwis ($2.99)
  • Broccoli ($2.99)
  • Garlic Mashed Potoates ($4.99)
  • Baked Potato Soup ($3.99)
  • Pinto Beans & Cheese ($3.99)
  • Chicken Enchiladas ($5.99)
  • Roasted Turkey Lunch Meat ($4.49)
  • Shrimp Ravioli ($6.99)
TOTAL = $50.19

Not a bad lot of food for only $15/$20, right? Some of their meal solutions sound really good, and I love that they have reviews on their site. Go check it out!

Free Sample Roundup


Here are a few free samples available right now!

5 New Pampers Gifts To Grow Points + 100 Point New-Member Bonus!

Here is a new Pampers Gifts To Grow code!


If you're not a member of Pampers iVillage yet, join HERE first. You'll get on their mailing list to receive lots of valuable coupons! Plus new members can enter code 453983270233478 to get 100 free bonus points while signing up! (Bonus code expires 11/30)

Yesterday I ordered The Bambina's first birthday party invites for FREE at Shutterfly by redeeming some of my points for their awesome rewards. So yeah, I prettymuch love Gifts To Grow!

If you haven't entered them before, these old codes should all still be valid for you:
  • pampersgtg10pts (10)
  • 2BEGINEARNING50 (50)
  • 10PTSFREECODE4U (10)
  • FACEBOOKOCT2010 (10)
  • PUNTOSPARAMI123 (10)
  • WELCOME2GTG2010 (10)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

$35 for $100 Worth of Piccaboo Photo Books!

The daily Groupon today is $100 worth of Piccaboo photo books for only $35 dollars! These make a great Christmas gift for grandparents & other family.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

$25 Walmart Gift Card for $20!

If you're a frequent Walmart shopper for groceries -- you should check this out. City Deals has a $25 Walmart for $20! Get free shipping when you enter code wallflower at checkout. Would be a nice way to save a couple more bucks there!

Piperlime: 10% off + Free Shipping + $25 GC with each order!

Piperlime is having a pretty sweet sale to celebrate their fourth birthday, today only. Every order receives a $25 gift card to use on their next purchase, and every 100th order receives a $100 gift card! Plus you can enter code TREAT4U to get 10% off your order. Piperlime always has free shipping AND free returns, which I love.

(Plus if you go through Ebates or ShopAtHome first, you can get an additional 8% or 12% cash back to sweeten the deal even more!)

I've been looking for a new pair of boots for the winter, so I dove in and made an order this morning. I can't wait for them to get here!

While I was browsing the sale section, I noticed a TON of cute shoes for under the $25 mark (seven pages worth just in the women's section!) -- which means they would be essentially free after you get your $25 gift card for ordering!

Here are just a few that caught my eye. It's definitely worth a look!

Bandolino Nezra - $24.97
(three colors)

These were just a few of my favorite freebies from the women's section, but there is also men and children too! Happy shopping! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Shopping Deals

Since I've been out of town the last two weeks I realized I didn't have any Halloween candy yet! So I hit the stores early this morning to snag a few good deals.

Rite Aid Transaction #1:$8.99 Huggies Jumbo Pack
$6.79 Dulcolax Balance
$3.75 Advil, 20 ct
$3.75 Advil, 20 ct
$1.00 Kit Kat, 8 pack
-$5/25 RAQ
-$2.50 Huggies MFQ
-$8 Dulcolax MFQ (IPQ from a while back)
-$3.75 free Advil MFQ
-$3.75 free Advil MFQ

= $1.28 + tax
(And I got back a $2 +UP Reward.)

My sneaky 20% discount threw me at the register again and I had to toss in a pack of candybars to hit the $25 mark today. (Not that I'm complaining! I'll be sad to see my 20% discount go come January.) I also had a free Advil MFQ that I got in the mail, and another that I won, so I came out pretty good on diapers this morning.

Rite Aid Transaction #2:$2.50 Reese's Candy x 4
$2.50 Twix x 3
$2.50 Milky Way x 2
$2.50 Snickers
-$5/25 RAQ
-$1/2 MFQ x 2

-$1.50/3 MFQ x 2
-$2 +UP Reward from above
= $13.00 + tax
(And I got back a $10 +UP Reward!)

I think I'm pretty set for Halloween long as I can keep my grubby paws off the stash until Saturday. :)

Target Transaction: $3.86 Similac Ready To Feed
$3.86 Similac Ready To Feed
$3.86 Similac Ready To Feed
$14.59 Similac Powder
-$3 MFQ HERE x 4
= $14.17 + tax

I hit Target early in order to buy the new Taylor Swift CD with extra features exclusive to Target (yeeeee!) so I can mail it to my baby sister who's away at college. Then I did a little shopping while I was there.

My Target had a few varieties of the 1 quart Similac on TPC for $3.86 this morning! They come out to $0.027/fluid ounce, and the can of powder comes out to $0.128/fluid ounce (regular price at walmart is $0.16/fluid ounce.)

Target Deals (10/24 - 10/30)

Bring a reusable bag to Target and get $0.05 credit per bag at checkout.

{Print the Target coupon policy HERE.}

$2.00 Kraft Cheese Shreds or Blocks x 5
-$5/5 MFQ HERE

-$1/2 TQ HERE x 2
= $0.60 each wyb 5

$2.79 Baked Lays Chips
= $1.79

There is also a list of all the items on temporary price cut (TPC) through 10/30/10 found HERE.

2/$3 Coffee-Mate Creamer, 16 oz
-$1.50 MFQ HERE

$1.42 Kikkoman's Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce x 2
-$1 MFQ HERE (use zip 90210 if you don't see it)
= $0.21 each wyb 2!

$2.49 Twix or Snickers Treat Size Bagged Candy, 11.4 or 11.18 oz
-$1.50/3 MFQ (RP 10/10)
-$1/3 TQ HERE
= $1.66 each wyb 3

$5.19 Ponds Towelettes, 40 ct x 2
-$1.50 MFQ HERE x 2
-$5 Target GC wyb 2
= $1.19 each wyb 2

See more of this week's Target deals HERE and HERE and HERE.

Walgreens Deals (10/24 - 10/30)

{Confused? Learn how to shop at Walgreens HERE.}
{Print the *NEW* Walgreens coupon policy HERE.}

$6.00 Contac Cold & Flu, 28 ct
-$6 RR
-$2 MFQ HERE (there is also one in RP 10/10, but Utah didn't get it)
= $2 profit!

$3.49 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste
-$3.50 RR
= $1 profit!

$6.00 Chestal Cough Syrup
-$6 MIR (prints at register)

$6.99 Children's Mucinex
-$6.99 MIR (prints at register)

$5.99 Pill Glide Swallowing Spray, 1 oz
-$5.99 MIR (prints at register)

2/$3 Quaker Quick 1-minute Oats
-$1 MFQ (RP 9/12)
= $0.50 each wyb 2

2/$9 Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets, 20 ct
-$3 MFQ (RP 10/10) x 2
-$1 RR wyb 2
= $1 each wyb 2

$3.99 Air Wick Candle
-$2 MFQ (SS 10/24) or HERE
-$1 RR
= $0.99

$7.99 Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers
-$2.00 MFQ HERE
-$1 RR
= $4.99

$0.99 Trident Xtra Care Gum (with in-ad coupon)
-$0.75 MFQ HERE
= $0.24

$0.99 Mentos Gum (with in-ad coupon)
-$1 MFQ (SS 10/3)
(Be sure to hand MFQ first and then WAG Q to avoid beeping! And buy something else to cover the $0.01 profit.)

2/$2 Halls Cough Drops
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 10/10)
= $0.50 each

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rite Aid Deals (10/24 - 10/30)

Don't forget to use the $5/25 RAQ pdf that expires 11/30/10!

Load e-coupons to your Rite Aid card at Upromise HERE.

{Confused? Learn how to shop at Rite Aid HERE.}
{Print the Rite Aid coupon policy HERE.}

2/$1 Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or Twix Bar
-BOGO MFQ (RP 9/26)
= $0.25 each wyb 2
*Spent $25+ on any advertised candy and get $10 +UP Reward.

$1.99 Spam Luncheon Meat
-$1 RAQ (Flu shot booklet)
-$1 +UP Reward

$8.99 Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers
-$2 MFQ Little Snugglers or $2.50 Pure & Natural HERE
-$2 October Video Values Coupon
-$2 +UP Reward
= $2.49 - $2.99

$5 Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal or Powder Packs, 10 ct
-$3 MFQ (RP 10/24) (I didn't get this! Did anyone else in Utah?)
-$1 October/November Video Values Coupon
-$2 +UP Reward
= $1 profit or $2 cost
*Buy $30+ Bayer products, get $10 +UP Reward.

2/$3 Halls Cough Drops
-$1 +UP Reward wyb 2
-$0.50 October Video Values Coupon
-$0.50 November Video Values Coupon
= 2 FREE!

$2.69 Right Guard Sport Deodorant, 1.8 oz (BOGO)
$0.00 Right Guard Sport Deodorant, 1.8 oz
-$1.50/2 MFQ (RP 8/15)
= $0.60 each wyb 2

$5.99 Aveeno Haircare
-$1 MFQ (RP 9/26) or HERE
-$4 October Video Values Coupon
-$1 +UP Reward

$5.99 Nivea Happy Sensation Lotion
-$1 MFQ (RP 8/29)
-$5 +UP Reward

$2.69 Dial Hand soap (BOGO)
$2.69 Dial Hand soap
-$0.35 MFQ (RP 10/10) x 2
-$1 RAQ (flu shot booklet)
= $0.55 each wyb 2

2/$4 Xtra Laundry Detergent or Nice 'n Fluffy Fabric Softener
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 10/17)
-$1 +UP Reward wyb 2
= $1 each wyb 2

All Sundown vitamins and supplements are BOGO. Use a $3/2 MFQ HERE to get cheap vitamins.

Scenario #1:
2/$5 Snack Size Candy x 6
2/$5 Fun Size Candy x 4
-$5/25 RAQ
-$1/2 snack size MFQ (SS 10/17) x 3
-$1.50/3 fun size (RP 10/10)
-$1 October Video Values Coupon
= $14.50 + tax
(And get $10 +UP Reward == $4.50 all total or $0.55 each!)

Scenario #2:
$2.99 Sundown Vitamin D & A & D3, 100 ct
$0.00 Sundown Vitamin D & A & D3, 100 ct
$5.99 Aveeno Shampoo
$5.99 Nivea Happy Sensation
2/$3 Halls Cough Drops
$8.99 Huggies Jumbo Pack Pure & Natural
-$5/25 RAQ
-$3/2 Sundown MFQ
-$1 Aveeno MFQ
-$4 Aveeno RAQ
-$1 Nivea MFQ
-$0.50 Halls Oct RAQ
-$0.50 Halls Nov RAQ
-$2.50 Huggies MFQ HERE
-$2 Huggies Oct RAQ
= $7.46 + tax
(And get back $9 +UP Rewards == FREE!)

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