Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunscreen Coupons

There are some great high-value sunscreen coupons out right now. Print 'em while you can!

Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat are BOGO at Rite Aid and Smith's this week, and Banana Boat is also BOGO at Walgreens this week!

Home Made Simple Coupons

Home Made Simple is doing a new round of their coupon booklets! If you haven't signed up for this before, it's a booklet of great P&G coupons worth over $30 -- including a coupon for a FREE cascade rinse.

Sign up HERE.

Free Rootbeer Float at Sonic on 6/3

Participating Sonic locations are giving away FREE rootbeer floats on June 3rd after 8 pm, no coupon necessary. Call your nearby Sonic and see if they're participating!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Deals

I hope you all had a great weekend, filled with sales and $1 flip flops! I picked up some great maternity outfits at the weekend sales, so I did pretty good.

With babies on my mind a lot lately, I thought I'd share with you some of my recent finds.

Baby GaGa Deals has a section of their site called GaGa deals. About every hour or so (during the day only) they put up a new baby product. The price decreases as more people buy the product until it finally sells out. You can get GREAT deals on carseats, strollers, and other baby items here. I'd recommend researching what brands and styles you're interested in, and then you'll know a good deal when you see it here.
I've mentioned this blog before, but it's fabulous. They have multiple posts per day about children's clothing sales, baby gear sales, diaper reviews, as well as weekly posts on the best places to buy diapers and formula that week. They had a great post today where they asked readers to comment on what baby items are worth splurging on. It was perfect info for me and I read all 147 comments and took notes.
Obviously there are many baby items that must be purchased new (like carseats), but ebay is always a great resource to check before you buy something! You can often find unopened, new items for much less than sale prices elsewhere. I've been looking for a good pair of maternity full-panel bermuda shorts for the summer, since these are what I usually live in for work and play during the hot months. The only place I found any that fit my criteria was Pea in a Pod for $80+ dollars. A few days later I went on ebay and found a cute pair for $15 shipped, and they were new with tags! Registry
I recently started an registry to help keep track of things I've picked out, and things I still need to buy. You can also do this with an Amazon wishlist. If you find something you like on another site, chances are you can find it on Amazon and add it to your registry. Plus, for many of the baby items I've looked at, such as bedding, the Amazon prices are cheaper and come with free shipping if it's over $25, and the reviews are very helpful. There is also room to rate how much you want each item, and to write in notes to yourself. I've found it very helpful in keeping my head wrapped around all of the things I'll be needing soon.

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