Friday, November 5, 2010

Daily Groupon: $20 GC to Build A Bear for $10

Today's daily Groupon (for Chicago, but available to everyone) is a $20 gift card to Build A Bear for only $10! Plus, if you signed up with All You last week you could have scored a credit that would make this Groupon only $5!

This groupon is valid at any Build A Bear location, or online. It would make a great Christmas gift! I'm tempted to buy one for The Bambina...

Select Visit More Cities at the top to scroll to Chicago and find this deal.

FREE Tylenol Sleep Solution Kit

Go HERE to request a free Tylenol Sleep Solution kit that includes:
  • Sleep guide and journal featuring practical tips for better sleep
  • Satin sleep mask to help block out intrusive light
  • CD of soothing sounds
  • Coupons worth up to $12
  • Sample of Johnson's Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile Lotion

Yipee! I'm excited about those coupons.

If you have trouble reaching the site, keep trying! It's very busy right now. Internet Explorer is working better than Mozilla for this offer.

FREE Renuzit Cone Air Freshener!

Become a "liker" of Renuzit on facebook and you can print a coupon for a FREE Renuzit air freshener! This would be a great freebie to add into some of our Rite Aid scenarios.


It's a bricks link, so you can hit the back button and print two! Also, it prints as a $1 off coupon but says the retail price is < $1 at most retailers.

New Upromise E-Coupons

U-promise just released some new e-coupons for November. Click HERE to login/register and add them to your Smith's and Rite Aid cards.

I've heard rumors that there will be a sweet Charmin deal at Rite Aid on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), so this U-promise e-coupon will make it even sweeter!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Send $1 Amazon GC to 5 Friends, Get $5 Credit For Yourself!

Give five $1 Amazon MP3 gift cards to your facebook friends and you'll get a $5 Amazon MP3 credit for yourself! Fun way to brighten some friend's day today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JJ Cole Warehouse Sale

If you're a fan of JJ Cole and you live up North, listen up! JJ Cole is having a huge warehouse sale in Logan this weekend. Prices will be up to 70% off retail, including BundleMe bunting bags, Fleurville diaper bags, baby gear and much, much more.

JJ Cole Warehouse Sale
1189 West 1700 N
Suite 150
Logan, UT 84321

Friday, November 5th
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Saturday, November 6th
9:00 AM til 4:00 PM

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Candy Buyback

If you've got too much Halloween sitting around your house from the weekend escapades, there is help! HERE is a list of dentists that will buy back your Halloween candy (or your children's Halloween candy) for $1 per pound. Maybe the extra spending money will coax your kids out of some cavities & extra sugar this year!

(there were 14 participating dentists within 15 miles of my house)

Reader Email: My Savings Spreadsheet

I got an email recently from a reader who wanted to know how I keep track of my spending/saving in a spreadsheet. So here it is! I'm no excel expert, but I know enough to make things work for me.

HERE is a link to a copy of the spreadsheet for you to download. Pull the spreadsheet up on your screen while I walk you through some of the features below.

This is what he spreadsheet looks like. You enter each shopping trip you make in a new row, by entering the store name, date, subtotal and tax. Then you can enter your savings for that trip (sometimes tallied for you on the receipt) and any rebates you plan to get back from this trip (mail in rebates, Rite Aid SCR's, etc.). The last space is to list what you purchased in that trip -- just enough to make it memorable in your mind.

There is a payment type column which has a drop down menu to keep track of your method. I purchase groceries on our household shared credit card, but I purchase drugstore goods on my debit card (because it drives my husband batty to see 10-billion two dollar charges every month). I also tally gift card purchases separately, because they are often freebies I got from other methods (like Mypoints or prescription transfers), so I don't count them in my overall monthly spending.

The columns are tallied below -- including each payment method separately and your total coupon savings and rebates. At the bottom of the page you can create a new tab for each month.

To the right of the spreadsheet, there is a box that automatically calculates your monthly totals for spendings, rebates, savings and overall percent savings according to the information you've filled in. That way at any time during the month, you can see your net out of pocket total as well as how you are doing on saving.

The biggest difference this spreadsheet made for me when I first began using it, was to help me see how much tax can add up when purchasing "free" items at the grocery or drugstore. In Utah, you always end up paying tax for those items even if they are free, so if it's something you don't really use or need -- the tax may not be worth it!

I hope this spreadsheet gives you some insight as to how I keep track of my spending and can help you a little as well!

Free Sample Roundup


Here are a few free samples available right now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Look what I got in the mail today....

My iPod Touch from opening a new checking account in July finally came! Wahoo!

Target Shopping Trip

I hit up Target for a few things on Saturday morning, mostly because I was sent there by my hubby. For some reason he thinks we have to eat chili & tamales on Halloween. (And of course we didn't have any.) So off to the store I went!

I also had a few more $3 similac MFQ's to use up, so I picked up a bunch of formula while I was there. (They had tons!)

And I partook of the sweet Smart Ones deal as well. Hubby and I are engaging in a diet challenge until Thanksgiving, so these will be good for work lunches. (Definitely cheaper than going out to eat!)

I also picked up a few more cake mixes because I'm mentally preparing for The Bambina's first birthday in three weeks! We're having a birthday tea party, and I'm going to make individual bundt cakes for dessert using THISpan I bought with Swagbucks gift cards. So I needed a few cake mixes to practice with as a trial run. :)

(I'm using the cake recipe where you add sour cream & a pudding mix to a cake mix. Have you ever tried this? SOOO yummy, and so easy!)

$1.89 Smart Ones Meals x 10
$5.99 Tamales
$3.86 Similac x 10
$1.52 Hormel Chili x 2
$0.94 Cake Mix x 3
-$1.89 MFQ (my $4/10 MFQ only took off $1.89?)
-$3 Similac MFQ x 10
= $37.46 + tax

(Saved $53.19 and I got back a $5 GC.)

If anyone is not going to be using their $3 Similac MFQ's from HERE and HERE and would be willing to let me have them, please let me know. They would be much appreciated!

Another Vintage Tiffany Jewelry Sale @ Billion Dollar Babes Today

I just got an email from Billion Dollar Babes announcing their sale on vintage Tiffany jewelry today! It's one of those deep discount on designer clothing & accessory online stores that's free to join. If you're a sucker for the Tiffany's box, go check it out!

20 New Pampers Gifts To Grow Points + 100 Point New Member Bonus!

Here are two new Pampers Gifts To Grow codes!

NOVFACEBOOK2010 (10 points)
(10 points)

If you're not a member of Pampers iVillage yet, join HERE first. You'll get on their mailing list to receive lots of valuable coupons! Plus new members can enter code 453983270233478 to get 100 free bonus points while signing up! (Bonus code expires 11/30)

If you haven't entered them before, these old codes should all still be valid for you:
  • pampersgtg10pts (10)
  • 2BEGINEARNING50 (50)
  • 10PTSFREECODE4U (10)
  • FACEBOOKOCT2010 (10)
  • PUNTOSPARAMI123 (10)
  • WELCOME2GTG2010 (10)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Target Deals (10/31 - 11/6)

Bring a reusable bag to Target and get $0.05 credit per bag at checkout.

{Print the Target coupon policy HERE.}

$2.25 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees
-$5 Target GC wyb 5 coupon HERE
x 2
-$4/10 MFQ HERE (be careful when you check out! only took off $2.25 for me)
= $0.85 each wyb 10

There is also a list of all the items on temporary price cut (TPC) through 11/6/10 found HERE.

$12.49 Charmin Ultra Soft, 24 Double Rolls x 2
-$0.25 MFQ (P&G 10/31)
-$5 Target GC
= $8.74 each wyb 2 ($0.37/double roll)

$1.25 Campbell's Chunky Soup Can or Microwaveable Bowls
-$1/4 MFQ (SS 10/10)
= $0.99 each wyb 3

See more of this week's Target deals HERE and HERE and HERE.

Walgreens Deals (10/31 - 11/6)

{Confused? Learn how to shop at Walgreens HERE.}
{Print the *NEW* Walgreens coupon policy HERE.}

2/$10 Vicks NyQuil or DayQuil
-$1.50 MFQ (P&G 10/31) x 2
-$5 RR wyb 2
= $1 each wyb 2

$5.99 Glade Lasting Impressions
-$3 MFQ (SS 9/26) or HERE
-$1 RR (limit 1 Glade RR per transaction)
= $1.99

$5.99 Glade Sense & Spray
-$3 MFQ (SS 9/26) or All You Magazine, Sept 2010
-$1 RR
(limit 1 Glade RR per transaction)
= $1.99

$3.99 Tide Stain Release, gel pacs or 20 oz x 3
-$2 MFQ (P&G 10/31) x 3
-$2 RR wyb $10+
= $1.32 each wyb 3

2/$10 Afrin Nasal Spray
-$3 MFQ HERE x 2
-$2 RR
= $1 each wyb 2

$2.99 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste
-$1 MFQ (P&G 10/31)
-$1 RR
= $0.99

$5.99 Zarbees Children's Cough Syrup
-$5.99 RR

$0.50 Campbell's Soups, Chicken Noodle or Tomato
-$0.25/4 MFQ (SS 9/12, SS 10/3)
= $0.44 each wyb 4

$0.69 Trident Gum, 18 ct (with in-ad coupon)
-$1/3 MFQ (SS 9/12)
= $0.35 each wyb 3

$0.99 Ricola Cough Drops x 2
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 10/17)
-$0.50 WAG Q (in-store Nov booklet)
= 2 FREE

$2.00 Blue Diamond Almonds, 6 oz
-$1 MFQ (SS 8/22)
= $1.00

Scenario #1:
$3.99 Secret Deodorant x 5
$2.24 Olay 2-pack bar soap x 5
-$5 off Olay wyb Secret MFQ (P&G 10/31) x 5
= $6.15 + tax
(And get back $10RR wyb $30+ P&G == $3.85 profit!)

Rite Aid Deals (10/31 - 11/6)

Don't forget to use the $5/25 RAQ pdf that expires 11/30/10!

Load e-coupons to your Rite Aid card at Upromise HERE.

{Confused? Learn how to shop at Rite Aid HERE.}
{Print the Rite Aid coupon policy HERE.}

2/$7 Kendall Gauze, Bandages or Pads
-$3 SCR wyb 2
-$2.50 MFQ HERE (use zip 48429 if you don't see it) x 2
= $1 profit!

$3.99 St. Ives Skin Care, select varieties
-$3 SCR
= $0.99

$5.88 Tide Laundry Detergent
-$1 MFQ (P&G 10/31) (or $2 MFQ from Tide mailer this week!)
-$1 +UP Reward
= $2.88 - $3.88
*Buy $20+ P&G and get a FREE Vick's NyQuil (coupon prints out at register)

$5.88 Tide Stain Release, 18 ct gel packs
-$2 MFQ (Martha Stewart Living, Sept 2010 or P&G 10/31)
-$1 +UP Reward
= $2.88
*Buy $20+ P&G and get a FREE Vick's NyQuil (coupon prints out at register)

$3.99 Tide Stain Release, 20 oz liquid
-$2 MFQ (Martha Stewart Living, Sept 2010 or P&G 10/31)
-$1 +UP Reward
= $0.99
*This size does not qualify for P&G/NyQuil Promotion

$12.88 Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue, 24 double rolls
-$1 +UP Reward
-$0.25 MFQ (P&G 10/31) or $1 MFQ (P&G Year of Savings Booklet)
= $11.63 + tax ($0.48/double roll)
*Buy $20+ P&G and get a FREE Vick's NyQuil (coupon prints out at register)

$2.27 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste
-$1 MFQ (P&G 10/31)
-$1 RAQ (flu booklet)
= $0.27
*Buy $20+ P&G and get a FREE Vick's NyQuil (coupon prints out at register)

2/$7 Gillette Antiperspirant or Deodorant
-$2 MFQ (P&G 10/31) x 2
= $1.50 each wyb 2
*Buy $20+ P&G and get a FREE Vick's NyQuil (coupon prints out at register)

$3.29 Colgate Total Toothpaste, 4.2 oz
$0.00 Colgate Total Toothpaste, 4.2 oz (BOGO)
-$1 MFQ (SS 10/31) x 2
-$1 November Video Values Coupon
= $0.29/2

$1.49 Trident Layers Gum, single pack
$0.00 Trident Layers Gum, single pack (BOGO)
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 10/24)
= $0.24 each wyb 2

$5.49 Curel Targeted Therapy Hand Lotion
$5.99 Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy
-$2 MFQ (SS 10/10) x 2
-$5.49 SCR wyb both (must be these specific kinds!)
= $1 each wyb both

2/$3 Chex Mix Snacks
-$0.50 MFQ HERE x 2
-$1 +UP Reward
= $0.50 each wyb 2

2/$4.88 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars or Cereals
-$1/2 MFQ Nutri-Grain HERE or $1/2 MFQ Cereal HERE
-$2 +UP Reward wyb 2
= $0.94 each wyb 2

2/$0.88 Single Serve Hershey's Bliss Candybar, if included
-$0.55 MFQ (SS 9/26) x 2
= 2 FREE

$2.99 L'Oreal Vive Haircare
-$1 October Video Values Coupon
= $1.99

2/$3 Suave Shampoo
-$2/2 October Video Values Coupon
= $0.50 each wyb 2

$4.99 Clean & Clear Facewash x 2
-$2 MFQ HERE x 2
-$2 +UP Reward wyb 2
= $0.75 each wyb 2

$0.99 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap
-$1 MFQ (Home Made Simple coupon booklet)

$2.49 Febreze Air Effects, Noticeables Warmer or Air Freshener
-$1 MFQ (P&G 10/31)
-$1 +UP Reward
= $0.49

$19.99 Pampers Big Pack Diapers
-$1 MFQ (P&G 10/31)
-$3 +UP Rewards
= $15.99

$6.99 Bufferin Low Dose, 130 ct
-$3 MFQ (SS 10/17)
-$3.99 MIR (SS 10/17)
*Anyone know where these are located in-store? I couldn't find it last week!

$29.99 Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter
-$5/25 RAQ
-$40 November Video Values Coupon
-$20 MFQ HERE (if your Rite Aid will accept IPQ's over $5)
= FREE + potential profit!
*Let me know if you try this!

Keep your eye out for clearance Halloween candy, which will be 50% off this week. (And yes, you can still use your coupons on it!)

All Harvest Home Decor is 75% off this week. All Christmas Home Decor is 50% off this week, with a $5 +UP Reward wyb $20+.

*I've got toilet paper on the brain from our recent discussion. Here are two great scenarios for anyone looking to buy cheap toilet paper this week! Do these in succession.*

Scenario #1:
$5.88 Tide Stain Release, 18 ct
$2.27 Crest Toothpaste
$12.88 Charmin Ultra Strong, 24 double rolls
-$4/20 RAQ
-$2 Tide MFQ
-$1 Crest MFQ
-$1 Crest RAQ (flu booklet)
-$0.25 Charmin MFQ
= $12.78 + tax
(And get back $2 +UP Rewards and FREE Vicks NyQuil voucher == $10.78 overall.)

Scenario #2:
$5.99 Vicks Nyquil
$6.99 Bufferin Low Dose, 130 ct
2/$7 Kendall Gauze Pads
$12.88 Charmin Ultra Strong, 24 double rolls
-$5/25 RAQ
-$1.50 Nyquil MFQ
-$5.99 Nyquil RAQ (from above scenario)
-$3 Bufferin MFQ
-$2.50 Kendall MFQ x 2
-$0.25 Charmin MFQ
= $12.12 + tax
(And get back $3.99 MIR, $1 +UP Reward and $3 SCR == $4.13 overall.)

Your cost for the above two scenarios purchased in succession will be $14.91, or $0.31/double roll of Charmin if you consider everything else free. Not quite to the $0.25 mark, but a heck of a lot cheaper than Sam's/Costco!

Scenario #3:
$19.99 Pampers Big Pack Diapers
2/$88 Hershey's Bliss Bars
-$4/20 RAQ
-$1 Pampers MFQ
-$0.55 Bliss MFQ x 2
= $14.77 + tax
(And get back $3 SCR == $0.15/diaper for size 3.)

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