Monday, November 1, 2010

Target Shopping Trip

I hit up Target for a few things on Saturday morning, mostly because I was sent there by my hubby. For some reason he thinks we have to eat chili & tamales on Halloween. (And of course we didn't have any.) So off to the store I went!

I also had a few more $3 similac MFQ's to use up, so I picked up a bunch of formula while I was there. (They had tons!)

And I partook of the sweet Smart Ones deal as well. Hubby and I are engaging in a diet challenge until Thanksgiving, so these will be good for work lunches. (Definitely cheaper than going out to eat!)

I also picked up a few more cake mixes because I'm mentally preparing for The Bambina's first birthday in three weeks! We're having a birthday tea party, and I'm going to make individual bundt cakes for dessert using THISpan I bought with Swagbucks gift cards. So I needed a few cake mixes to practice with as a trial run. :)

(I'm using the cake recipe where you add sour cream & a pudding mix to a cake mix. Have you ever tried this? SOOO yummy, and so easy!)

$1.89 Smart Ones Meals x 10
$5.99 Tamales
$3.86 Similac x 10
$1.52 Hormel Chili x 2
$0.94 Cake Mix x 3
-$1.89 MFQ (my $4/10 MFQ only took off $1.89?)
-$3 Similac MFQ x 10
= $37.46 + tax

(Saved $53.19 and I got back a $5 GC.)

If anyone is not going to be using their $3 Similac MFQ's from HERE and HERE and would be willing to let me have them, please let me know. They would be much appreciated!


Jessica said...

I would love to share the Similac coupons with you! Would you mind printing the $5 Enfamil coupons as a trade? :)

Amanda's Life said...

I printed my max (4) and would gladly send to you, email me your addy at!

Jen and Jared said...

I'll send you mine too! I use the Enfamil so I don't mind at all!

Colleen said...

You can have mine, too.

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