Friday, November 7, 2008

Stayfree at Smith's

Smith's is also having some good sales this week - not to be outshadowed by Albertsons'. Their Stayfree products were on sale for $2.50, with an additional $5 off at checkout when you buy 10 packs. I had 8 $2 off MFQs, so it ended up costing me $4 for 10 packs, or $0.40 each. That's a savings of $27.

Can a girl ever have too many feminine hygiene products? I think not.

(Chris, being the good husband that he is, never complains when I come home with more bags of it even though I already have a bathtub full. I think it's because the more I have on hand, the less likely it is that he'll ever have to go to the store and buy any -- because, ugh, how embarassing would that be?!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hot Buys at Albertsons This Week

This is a great week at Albertsons. They're having a General Mills/Unilever promotion where you buy $30 worth of qualifying products and get $15 back at checkout (three $5 catalinas) to use on your next purchase. Pretty sweet deal!

I got up early yesterday and hit Albertsons before work on the first day of the sale. They were having some issue with the catalinas not printing but the associates at my store was SOOOOO helpful and we got it all worked out.

I bought 66 products in 6 transactions. I did them right in a row so I'd use the $15 catalinas from the first transaction on the second, etc. I ended up spending $21.79 out of pocket for 66 items, and I've still got $15 in catalinas left over. That's $0.33 per item even if you ignore the $15 I've got still to spend!

To top it all off, I saved $293.06 between store sales and coupons. Totally felt like a smart shopper yesterday. :)

P.S. Got my camera settings fixed. Hallelujah! How embarassing for me -- I'm supposed to be a techy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday Finds

Here are the details of my Monday drugstore escapades.

At Rite Aid, I got 8 boxes of Kotex (free after eight $1 coupons), 2 packs of GUM toothbrushes (free after rebate), 2 packs of Tampico Flavor Pops (75% off clearance), and some candy corn (50% off clearance).

Total OOP, $2.47 after rebates (most of that is tax).

At Walgreens, I got 4 Boxes of Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea (free after coupons), 2 Glade Wisp candles, 2 Herbal Essence shampoos, 6 Schick Quattro disposable razors, 4 Almay mascaras, 2 bags of 75% off candy corns (yes, one is already half-gone in this picture), and 2 packs of headbands as fillers. Oh, and a bag of shredded cheese, because I needed a filler.

Total OOP, $3.87 on a gift card, and $17.98 coming in rebates. Plus a free haircut for the Herbal Essence shampoo.

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