Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hot Buys at Albertsons This Week

This is a great week at Albertsons. They're having a General Mills/Unilever promotion where you buy $30 worth of qualifying products and get $15 back at checkout (three $5 catalinas) to use on your next purchase. Pretty sweet deal!

I got up early yesterday and hit Albertsons before work on the first day of the sale. They were having some issue with the catalinas not printing but the associates at my store was SOOOOO helpful and we got it all worked out.

I bought 66 products in 6 transactions. I did them right in a row so I'd use the $15 catalinas from the first transaction on the second, etc. I ended up spending $21.79 out of pocket for 66 items, and I've still got $15 in catalinas left over. That's $0.33 per item even if you ignore the $15 I've got still to spend!

To top it all off, I saved $293.06 between store sales and coupons. Totally felt like a smart shopper yesterday. :)

P.S. Got my camera settings fixed. Hallelujah! How embarassing for me -- I'm supposed to be a techy!


Ali said...

Oh my gosh. Your blog is inspiring. Teach me, teach me!!! My husband would give his left leg if I had the pinching saving skills that you have. Seriously, women like you end up on Oprah, sharing with the world there secrets. How do I start? Should I do my Christmas toy shopping on Ebates or hit the sales after Thanksgiving?

Ali said...

Are you the creative mastermind behind slave to save? I spent an hour looking at your site today before you 'commented' me back. GOSH! WOMAN! You're awesome. You make it seem so do-able.

Nikki said...

You have a blog I didn't know about?! Thanks a lot!

I owe you lunch still, I haven't forgotten! So, can I treat you and you can teach me how you find all your deals? I really really need help (or should I say my budget needs it).

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