Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/7 Coupon Preview

Click HERE for a coupon preview of inserts coming tomorrow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

There's a better way to save

We're under the weather at our house today. :( I was thinking while laying on the couch with my box of tissues this morning and realized I haven't had a cold since way last spring when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. So I guess I was due for one!

I came across this and thought it was funny. Hope you'll enjoy! More deals to come soon.

Don't forget to check out the awesome All You Magazine deal if you haven't yet!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Spending Totals

I came in a little over budget this month. We blessed the Bambina the first week of February and had 40 people over to dinner at our house, so this total includes ~$30 worth of Pork tenderloin (we had pulled pork sandwiches) plus ~$30 worth of other various grocery items for that day. All things considered, I was expecting a worse hit to the budget because of that. So I feel pretty good about February!

So how did I spend ~$60 for one day and still come in at only $110 for the month? I always factor my drugstore rebates into my grocery budget. I did some seriously awesome damage at Rite Aid this month, with the P&G rebate (spend $100+ on P&G, get $35 Visa GC). I was able to hit $100 in P&G items in my account without even trying -- they were just normal rebate and coupon/sale items that cost me next to nothing after the $5/20 RAQ. So the $35 Visa GC is just money in my pocket that will be used to buy more groceries when it arrives!

But seriously. I'm gonna be under $100 for March.

Spent in February: $110.53
Saved in February: $318.07 (72%)

Walgreens FAQ

Have questions about how to shop at Walgreens? Help is on the way!

WAG Q - Walgreens store coupon
MFQ - Manufacturer's coupon
RR - Register Reward
WYB - When you buy

What is a RR?
An RR is a Register Reward. It's basically a coupon that prints from the catalina machine next to the register once your payment has been processed, and it's valid on any item in the store (except tobacco, alcohol, stamps, etc).

Do RR's expire?
Yes. Since register rewards are technically manufacturer's coupons, they do have an expiration date -- usually 2 weeks from the day they are printed.

Can I use an expired RR?
Like manufacturer's coupons, using expired RR's is a no-no. Stores do not get reimbursed for coupons redeemed outside their expiration. If we want stores to keep accepting coupons (can I get an amen?!) we must play by the rules.

I tried to redeem a RR and the register beeped. Did I do something wrong?
It's possible your number of coupons exceeded the number of items in your order. We know that manufacturer's coupons are only valid one per item, so we ca
n't buy one pack of Huggies and try to use two Huggies manufacturer's coupons. Likewise, you can't buy one pack of Huggies and try to use one manufacturer's coupon and one register reward -- the register will beep. You must throw in another item (a small filler such as a $0.29 pack of Ramen Noodles works well!) so that you have two items and two manufacturer's coupons.

Do register rewards roll?

No, not on the same deal. Assume there is a $2 RR for buying a pack of Huggies. If you buy a pack of Huggies, get the $2 RR, and pay for another pack of Huggies with your first $2 RR -- the $2 RR will not print again. This is called rolling.

However, RR's can be rolled from one item to another. Assume there is a $2 RR for buying a pack of Huggies, and a $2 RR for buying a pack of Qui
lted Northern. If you use your $2 Huggies RR to pay for Quilted Northern, you will get a $2 Quilted Northern RR. You can then use this $2 RR to buy another pack of Huggies, which will print another $2 Huggies RR. This is the proper and most effective way to roll register rewards.

Does Walgreens have a mail-in/online rebate system?
No, not currently.

Is there a specific order I should hand the coupons over in?
Yes. Always give manufacturer's coupons first and Walgreens store coupons last.

Can I use a Walgreens coupon (WAG Q) and a manufacturer's coupon (MFQ) on a single item?
Yes! At Walgreens, you can use one MFQ and one WAG Q per item. This is how we rack up the savings! Note that some Walgreens store coupons say "manufacturer's coupon" on them, but they are actually Walgreens coupons, because they have a non-standard barcode and a Walgreens logo.

{A Loreal printable MFQ from and a Loreal WAG Q.}

If you have other Walgreens-related questions, feel free to ask them here!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rite Aid FAQ

Have questions about how to shop at Rite Aid the Slavetosave way? Help is on the way! Here are answers to some commonly asked Rite Aid questions!

{Print the Rite Aid Coupon Policy HERE.}

RAQ - Rite Aid store coupon
, usually found in-ad
VVQ - Rite Aid
Video Value coupon
WQ - Wellness+ Coupon
SCR - Single Check Rebate
MFQ - Manufacturer's coupon
WYB - When you buy
CRT - Cash Register Tape coupon (prints at the end of your receipt when you use your Wellness+ Card)

What is an SCR?
Single Check Rebates (SCR) are the online rebate system at Rite Ai
d. Simply purchase the designated item, then enter your receipt information into your account online at Two days later, the rebate amount shows up in your account! At the end of the month, click "Request My Rebate" and it should arrive in 3-4 weeks. It's that simple!

When can I request my SCR check?
You can request your SCR check at any time, but it can only be requested once per month. I like to wait until the end of the month so I know I'm done shopping for any items that qualify for SCR's before I request it.

What is the $4/20 RAQ?
The $4/20 RAQ is a coupon valid for $4 off any purchase of $20 or more at Rite Aid. You can obtain one of these coupons by watching the Adperk videos at the Rite Aid Video Values Coupons website.

How do I maximinze my $4/20 RAQ?
Plan your shopping trips (filled with lots of SCR, +UP Reward and coupon-eligible items, of course) to come to a total near $20 before coupons and rebates to maximize your savings! Always hand the cashier the $5/20 coupon first, and then your other coupons.

Can I use a Rite Aid coupon (RAQ) and a manufacturer's coupon (MFQ) on a single item?
Yes! At Rite Aid, you can use one MFQ and one RAQ per item. This is how we rack up the savings! Note that Rite Aid store coupons say "manufacturer's coupon" on them, but they are actually Rite Aid coupons, because they have a Rite Aid logo and a non-standard barcode.

The rebate directory says there is a $1 SCR for Huggies. If I buy two Huggies, will I get two $1 SCR's?

No. Unless otherwise specified, all single check rebates are limit 1 per account. I will let you know when certain products have higher limits.

Is there a specific order I should hand the coupons over in?
Yes. Always give the $4/$20 Rite Aid coupon first, and then all other coupons second.

What is the Wellness+ Card?
The Wellness+ Card is to Rite Aid what a Fresh Values card is to Smith's. In addition to getting sale prices for items once you scan your card, you also earn one point per dollar spent. Occasionally Rite Aid will email you Wellness+ Coupons that can be used in addition to manufacturer's coupons at Rite Aid.

How do I add Upromise e-coupons to my Wellness+ Card?
Go HERE for more information. It's definitely worthwhile, and will help you save money for your child's education without even trying.

What do my Wellness+ points earn?
  • For every 125 points -- a one-time 10% off shopping pass (up to 375 points)
  • 500 points -- 10% off all non-prescription points purchases everyday
  • 500 points -- free health screenings
  • 1000 points -- 20% off all non-prescription points purchases every day
(*Points are per calendar year)

How Do My Points Accrue?
You get one point for each dollar spent before manufacturer's coupons and Single Check Rebates, but after any Rite Aid coupons, Video Value coupons (including the $4/20), and Wellness+ coupons. Clear as mud?

Here is an example:

$6.00 Tide Laundry Detergent
-$1 MFQ
= Pay $5.00 + tax
(You will get 6 points for this transaction)

$6.00 Tide Laundry Detergent
-$1 RAQ
= Pay $5.00 + tax
(You will get 5 points for this transaction)

If the Tide detergent in the above example also had a $1 Single Check Rebate, you would still get points as listed above, since points are awarded before rebates.

What are the coupons at the bottom of my receipt?
When you use your Wellness+ Card to buy specified items, your +UP Rewards will print at checkout on the bottom of your receipt.

What are +UP Rewards?
+UP rewards are issued as a coupon that prints at the bottom of you receipt when you purchase select items. They are coupons valid on any next purchase! Like cash! (Except prescriptions, alcohol and the usual exclusions.)

How do I spend my +UP Rewards?

+UP Rewards are basically a coupon valid on anything in the store! Use them on your next purchase at Rite Aid to buy whatever your heart desires. They can be used in addition to all other coupons.

Is there a limit on +UP Rewards?
If there is a limit stated in the ad -- then yes. If there is no limit stated in the ad, then the +UP Rewards for that item are usually unlimited for that item!

Do +UP Rewards expire?
Yes. The expiration for +UP rewards is between two and three weeks from the date they were generated.

What are Video Values Coupons?
Video Values coupons (VVQ) are coupons you can print from Rite Aid's website after watching small advertising videos. Occasionally, watching 15 videos in one category will allow you to print a $4/20 coupon. Do it! Right now! Do whatever you have to in order to print that $4/20 each month. Video Values coupons reset each month and have unique, one-time-use barcodes.

If you have other Rite Aid questions, feel free to ask and I will add them here!

All You Magazine Deal! ($0.70/issue) - Expired

I've posted about All You Magazine in the past, and it's because I'm such a huge fan of saving money. So here it is again! I've worked out a fabulous deal just for Slavetosave readers.

Get a four year subscription (or renewal) for $40, and get $12 credited back to you (via your original method of payment). So a 4-year subscription (40 issues) comes to only $28! That's $0.70 per issue!

Redeem only one coupon from each issue, and the magazine pays for itself. Redeem more than that and...well, you get the idea. The March 2010 issue alone contains over $48 in coupons! I just renewed my subscription, because this deal is the cheapest I've seen yet.

Deal Expired

1. You will first be asked for your subscriber info. (If you are renewing, make sure to enter your info EXACTLY as it appears on your current subscription.)

2. Next you will be able to choose your subscription. There are MANY titles available, in addition to All You Magazine:
  • All You Magazine
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Real Simple
  • Cottage Living
  • Home
  • InStyle
  • People
  • Parenting
  • Time
  • etc...
3. Enter your payment info and pay. Your $12 credit will appear within 12 hours back to your original method of payment.

4. Enjoy the coupon savings!

If you'd like to order All You Magazine and pay via check, simply make $28 check payable to Campus Fundraiser with "Slavetosave" in the memo line and mail to:
144 Turnpike Rd. Suite 240
Southborough, MA 01772

This offer ends March 12, 2010.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New March Video Values Coupons!

New March Video Values coupons are up for Rite Aid, including a $2 Huggies RAQ! I've added applicable links to the Rite Aid deals for this week, so go check them out again. A few of them just got a little sweeter!

Kmart Deals (2/28 - 3/6)

Print a $5/50 Kmart coupon HERE.

$1.75 Post Cereals, select varieties

5/$10 Quaker Oatmeal, Squares Cereal or True Delights Oatmeal
-$3 instant savings wyb 5
-$1 MFQ (RP 2/14, RP 2/7) or HERE or HERE x 5
= 5/$2

See more great Kmart deals for the week courtesy of Ann at Coupons, Deals and More!

Slavetosave Giveaway: EcostoreUSA $25 Gift Certificate {closed}

Slavetosave Giveaway: Ecostore USA $25 Gift Certificate!

Ecostore USA is an extension of a 20-year-old New Zealand based company that makes plant based, non-toxic household cleaning, baby and personal care products that contain No Nasty Chemicals(TM). Their products contain no petrochemicals, enzymes, optical whiteners, perfumes and dyes, or ammonia.
Check out these interesting facts about common toxic household products:
  • According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers accidental poisonings occur in the home every 30 seconds.
  • The National Safety Council has reported that more children under four die of from accidental poisoning than are killed by guns.
  • A report by the EPA to Congress determined household cleaners three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution.
  • Women who work from home and are more frequently exposed to household toxins and poor air quality are 50% more likely to develop cancer.
  • Newborn infants have trace levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies, passed on by their mother’s exposure.

Ecostore USA's products contain NONE of these harsh and poisonous chemicals! Plus, in addition to being good for the environment, Ecostore USA products are good for your budget as well, compared to other expensive organic products.
Slavetosave's Review
I was fortunate enough to try out the Baby Body Wash and Baby Shampoo on my little one at home. It has a light aromatheraphy scent that was so nice, and calming. She smelled wonderful when bathtime was over, and I felt like a good parent knowing the ingredients in her soaps weren't going to hurt her in any way.

Buy it!

Purchase eco-friendly household cleaners and personal care items at Ecostore USA.

Win it!
Ecostore USA has offered one lucky winner a $25 gift certificate!

Mandatory Entry:
  • Visit Ecostore USA, then come back and leave a comment stating what you would spend your gift certificate on.

Extra Entries:
  • Sign up for the No Nasty Chemicals newsletter.
  • Follow Ecostore USA on facebook.
  • Follow Ecostore USA on twitter and tweet this giveaway. (leave the link) (2 entries)
  • Blog about this giveaway. (leave the link) (2 entries)
  • Become a follower of Slavetosave via google friend on left-hand sidebar. (current followers count, too)
  • Add the Slavetosave button to your blog.
  • Enter any other open giveaways. (leave a comment for each one)

Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each entry that includes an email address!

Giveaway is open to US residents only and closes March 15th, 2010 at midnight MST. Note: the winner must not have been a reviewer of an Ecostore USA product within the last six months, or the winner of an Ecostore USA product within the last six months. Those who do not meet these criteria are ineligible to win.

Disclaimer: I received a Baby Body Wash and a Baby Shampoo free of charge from Ecostore USA. This was an unpaid review and all of the opinions here are expressly my own.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Entertainment Weekly 1-Year Subscription $10 (Regularly $205!)

Amazon has a screamin' deal right now on Entertainment Weekly. Get a 1-year subscription (52 issues) for only $10 HERE.

The catch? You have to sign up for auto-renewal. The solution? You can cancel the auto-renewal right after you sign up, and still keep the first year's subscription! Win-win.

To cancel your auto-renewal:
1. Click my account
2. Click "manage magazine subscription"
3. Follow the instructions to cancel your auto-renewal

{Thanks, Hip2Save!}

Target Deals (2/28 - 3/6)

Target has changed their system for printable coupons -- they are now each able to be printed twice per computer. Bring a reusable bag and get $0.05 credit per bag at checkout!

{Print the Target coupon policy HERE.}

$2.88 Kashi Cereal
-$1.50 MFQ HERE or HERE
= $1.38

$8.99 Fragrance Collection Glade Reed Diffuser
-$3 Target Mobile Coupon HERE
= $3.99

$2.50 California Pizza Kitchen Single Serve
= $1.50

$1.93 Nabisco Triscuits and Wheat Thins
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/24)
-$1/2 TQ HERE
= $0.43 each wyb 2

$3.29 Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant
= $1.29

$3.49 Quaker Oatmeal Value Pack (on clearance)
= $2.49

$1.50 Horizon Little Blends Organic Yogurt, 4 pack
= $0.50

$2 GE Reveal Light Bulbs, 4 pack
-$1/2 MFQ HERE or $1 MFQ (SS 1/3)
-$1.50 TQ HERE

$9.99 Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System
-$3 MFQ (SS 1/24)
= $5.99

$1.67 Glade PlugIns Scented Gel Warmers
-$1.50 MFQ (SS 1/24)
= $0.17

$9.99 Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent, 75 oz x 2
-Buy Tide Get Stain Release Free MFQ (P&G 2/7) x 2
-$0.35 MFQ (P&G 2/7) x 2
-$5 Target GC wyb 2
= $14.28/4 == $3.57 each

$2.50 Solo Ultra Cups
-$0.75 MFQ (SS 1/24)
= $1.75

$2.89 Rimmel Mascara
-$3 MFQ (All You Magazine, March 2010)

$4.99 Gillette Fusion Razor, 1 ct
-$4 MFQ (P&G 2/7)
= $0.99

$4.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion
-$1.50 MFQ HERE
= $3.49

$1.20 Pillsbury Brownie Mix & Frosting
-$0.40 MFQ or $1/2 MFQ (RP 1/24)
= $0.70 - $0.80

$1.00 Kraft Mac & Cheese x 5
-$1/5 MFQ HERE
= $0.80 each wyb 5

$2.39 Archer Farms Simply Balanced Bread
= $1.39

$0.97 Johnson's Buddies Soap
-$1 MFQ (RP 1/3)

$1.57 Rolaids, 3 pack
-$1 MFQ (RP 12/13)
= $0.57

Walgreens Deals (2/28 - 3/6)

3/$11 Pepsi 12-pack products
-$3 RR
= $8/3

2/$5 M&M's
-$1/2 WAG Q (in-store)
= $4/2

2/$9 Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets
-$4.50 BOGO MFQ (RP 2/21)
-$1 MFQ HERE or (RP 1/10)
-$1 RR
= $2.50/2

$2.99 Tylenol PM, Simply Sleep or Motrin
-$1.50 WAG Q (in-store)
= $1.49

$1.99 Lady Speed Stick
-$1 RR
-$0.50 MFQ (SS 1/31) or $0.75 MFQ HERE
= $0.24 - $0.49

$39.99 Neutrogena Clinical Eye, SPF 30 or Night Treatment
-$10 RR
= $9.99

$49.99 Neutrogena Clinical Wrinkle Treatment
-$10 RR
= $19.99

$8.99 Womens Schick Razors
-$3 RR
-$4 MFQ (SS 2/28)
= $1.99

3/$9 Crest or Oral-B 3D White Dental Care
-$3 RR
-$0.75 MFQ (P&G 2/7) x 3
= $3.75/3

$4.99 Sudafed, Benadryl or Tylenol Cold (including children's) x 2
-$5 RR wyb 2
-$2 MFQ Sudafed PE (RP 12/6) or $2 Tylenol Cold HERE x 2
= $0.98/2

$6.99 One A Day Multivitamins x 2
-$3 RR wyb 2
-$2 MFQ (SS 1/3) x 2
= $6.98/2

$5 Vicks NyQuil x 4
-$10 RR wyb $20+
-$1.50 MFQ (P&G 2/7) x 4
= $4.00/4

$2.99 Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength
-$2 RR

$8.99 Huggies Jumbo x 3
-$2 MFQ HERE x 3
-$5 RR wyb 3+
= $15.97/3 == $5.32 each

$2.99 Kotex Feminine Care x 3
-$5 RR wyb 3+
= $3.97/3

$0.99 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/10)

Olay Total Effects body wash or skin care are BOGO50% this week. Buy 3 and submit for a $15 MIR.

Aveeno bath, baby and skin care products are 20% off. Buy 2 and get $3 RR at checkout. Use $3/2 Baby MFQ HERE or $2 Aveeno Ultra Calming MFQ HERE or $1 Aveeno Skincare Relief HERE or $1 MFQ Soothing Relief HERE.

Rite Aid Deals (2/28 - 3/6)

Don't forget to use the $3/15 or $5/20 or $5/25 coupon this week.

{Print the Rite Aid coupon policy HERE.}

$5.99 Efferdent Plus
-$5 SCR
-$0.55 MFQ (SS 1/31) (regional coupon)
-$1 oral care RAQ found HERE
= $0.56 profit!

$1.99 Gillette or Satin Care Shave Gel
-$1 SCR
-$1 MFQ (P&G 2/7)
(*Radiant Apricot [047400062245] and Alluring Avocado [047400011007] may be on clearance for $1.74 for even more savings!)

$6.99 Proantinox Urinary Tract Cleansing Complex
-$6 SCR
= $0.99

$3.99 Anti Monkey Butt Powder
-$3 SCR
-$2 Skincare RAQ found HERE
= $1.01 profit!

$1.99 Suave Shampoo or Conditioner
-$1 SCR
-$0.50 MFQ (RP 2/28)
= $0.49

$6.99 Acnomel Acne Treatment
-$6 SCR
-$2 Skincare RAQ found HERE
= $1.01 profit!

$7.99 Albolene Cleanser
-$7 SCR
-$2 Skincare RAQ found HERE
= $1.01 profit!

$3.99 Listerine Pocketpacks
-$3 SCR
-$0.50 MFQ (RP 10/18) (regional coupon)
-$1 oral care RAQ found HERE
= $0.51 profit!

$0.99 Carefree Ultra, 16 ct
-$1 MFQ peelies found on some packages or $1/2 MFQ (RP 1/3)
= FREE - $0.49 each
(*These also qualify for the J&J Buy $50+, get $25 SCR!)

$0.99 Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners, 16 - 22 ct

$0.99 Nivea Lip Care
-BOGO MFQ (RP 2/7)
= $0.49 each wyb 2

$0.99 Blistex Lip Care
-$1.00/2 MFQ (SS 12/13) (regional coupon)
= $0.49 each wyb 2

$4.99-ish Kashi Cereal x 2 (BOGO)
-$1.50 Kashi MFQ found HERE or HERE or HERE or vocalpoint mailer x 2
= $1.99/2

$6.99 Excedrin
-$5.99 FREE MFQ (home mailer up to $5.99 value)
= $1.00

$2.99 Always or Tampax
-$1 SCR
= $1.99

$0.99 Halls cough drops x 2
-BOGO MFQ (SS 2/21)
-$0.50 MFQ (All You Magazine, March 2010)
= $0.25 each wyb 2

$0.99 Renu Eye Drops

$2.49 Colgate Wisp, 4 ct
-$1 MFQ (All You Magazine, Feb 2010)
= $1.49

Revlon cosmetics are BOGO this week. Use the $1 MFQ (SS 1/17) for cheap cosmetics.

Almay cosmetics are BOGO50% this week. Use the $2 MFQ (SS 2/7) for cheap cosmetics.

Scenario #1:
$6.99 Venus Disposable Razor
$7.49 Olay Bodywash
$0.00 Olay Lotion (Get FREE instantly wyb Venus)
$6.99 Acnomel
-$5/20 RAQ
-$2 MFQ Venus (P&G 2/7)
-$7.49 FREE Bodywash MFQ wyb Venus (P&G 2/7)
-$2 RAQ Skincare
= $4.98 + tax
(And get back $6 SCR. And don't forget about the $15 MIR HERE.)

Scenario #2:
$4.99 Kashi Cereal x 4
$0.00 Kashi Cereal x 4 (BOGO)
-$5/20 RAQ
-$1.50 MFQ Kashi found HERE or HERE or HERE or vocalpoint mailer x 8
= $2.96 + tax

Scenario #3:
$17.99 Huggies Mega Pack
$8.99 Huggies Mega Pack (BOGO50%)
$3.99 Anti Monkey Butt Powder
-$5/20 RAQ
-$2 skincare RAQ
-$2 Huggies MFQ HERE x 2
-$2 Huggies RAQ HERE
= $17.97 + tax
(And get back $3 Monkey SCR & $1 Huggies SCR -- so it's like paying $13 for 2 Mega packs of Huggies!)

Scenario $4:
$11.99 Huggies jumbo pack
$7.99 Albolene
-$5/20 RAQ
-$2 skincare RAQ
-$2 Huggies MFQ
-$2 Huggies RAQ HERE
= $8.98 + tax
(And get back $7 Albolene SCR & $1 Huggies SCR)

Scenario $5:
$3.99 Listerine Pocket Packs
$1.99 Suave Haircare
$5.99 Efferdent
$1.99 Gillette Shave Gel
$6.99 Proantinox
-$5/20 RAQ
-$2 skincare RAQ
-$1 oral care RAQ
-$0.55 Efferdent MFQ
-$0.50 Listerine MFQ
-$0.50 Suave MFQ
-$1 Shave Gel MFQ
= $10.40 + tax
(And get back $16 SCR)

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