Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Spending Totals

I came in a little over budget this month. We blessed the Bambina the first week of February and had 40 people over to dinner at our house, so this total includes ~$30 worth of Pork tenderloin (we had pulled pork sandwiches) plus ~$30 worth of other various grocery items for that day. All things considered, I was expecting a worse hit to the budget because of that. So I feel pretty good about February!

So how did I spend ~$60 for one day and still come in at only $110 for the month? I always factor my drugstore rebates into my grocery budget. I did some seriously awesome damage at Rite Aid this month, with the P&G rebate (spend $100+ on P&G, get $35 Visa GC). I was able to hit $100 in P&G items in my account without even trying -- they were just normal rebate and coupon/sale items that cost me next to nothing after the $5/20 RAQ. So the $35 Visa GC is just money in my pocket that will be used to buy more groceries when it arrives!

But seriously. I'm gonna be under $100 for March.

Spent in February: $110.53
Saved in February: $318.07 (72%)

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