Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rite Aid FAQ

Have questions about how to shop at Rite Aid the Slavetosave way? Help is on the way! Here are answers to some commonly asked Rite Aid questions!

{Print the Rite Aid Coupon Policy HERE.}

RAQ - Rite Aid store coupon
, usually found in-ad
VVQ - Rite Aid
Video Value coupon
WQ - Wellness+ Coupon
SCR - Single Check Rebate
MFQ - Manufacturer's coupon
WYB - When you buy
CRT - Cash Register Tape coupon (prints at the end of your receipt when you use your Wellness+ Card)

What is an SCR?
Single Check Rebates (SCR) are the online rebate system at Rite Ai
d. Simply purchase the designated item, then enter your receipt information into your account online at Riteaid.com. Two days later, the rebate amount shows up in your account! At the end of the month, click "Request My Rebate" and it should arrive in 3-4 weeks. It's that simple!

When can I request my SCR check?
You can request your SCR check at any time, but it can only be requested once per month. I like to wait until the end of the month so I know I'm done shopping for any items that qualify for SCR's before I request it.

What is the $4/20 RAQ?
The $4/20 RAQ is a coupon valid for $4 off any purchase of $20 or more at Rite Aid. You can obtain one of these coupons by watching the Adperk videos at the Rite Aid Video Values Coupons website.

How do I maximinze my $4/20 RAQ?
Plan your shopping trips (filled with lots of SCR, +UP Reward and coupon-eligible items, of course) to come to a total near $20 before coupons and rebates to maximize your savings! Always hand the cashier the $5/20 coupon first, and then your other coupons.

Can I use a Rite Aid coupon (RAQ) and a manufacturer's coupon (MFQ) on a single item?
Yes! At Rite Aid, you can use one MFQ and one RAQ per item. This is how we rack up the savings! Note that Rite Aid store coupons say "manufacturer's coupon" on them, but they are actually Rite Aid coupons, because they have a Rite Aid logo and a non-standard barcode.

The rebate directory says there is a $1 SCR for Huggies. If I buy two Huggies, will I get two $1 SCR's?

No. Unless otherwise specified, all single check rebates are limit 1 per account. I will let you know when certain products have higher limits.

Is there a specific order I should hand the coupons over in?
Yes. Always give the $4/$20 Rite Aid coupon first, and then all other coupons second.

What is the Wellness+ Card?
The Wellness+ Card is to Rite Aid what a Fresh Values card is to Smith's. In addition to getting sale prices for items once you scan your card, you also earn one point per dollar spent. Occasionally Rite Aid will email you Wellness+ Coupons that can be used in addition to manufacturer's coupons at Rite Aid.

How do I add Upromise e-coupons to my Wellness+ Card?
Go HERE for more information. It's definitely worthwhile, and will help you save money for your child's education without even trying.

What do my Wellness+ points earn?
  • For every 125 points -- a one-time 10% off shopping pass (up to 375 points)
  • 500 points -- 10% off all non-prescription points purchases everyday
  • 500 points -- free health screenings
  • 1000 points -- 20% off all non-prescription points purchases every day
(*Points are per calendar year)

How Do My Points Accrue?
You get one point for each dollar spent before manufacturer's coupons and Single Check Rebates, but after any Rite Aid coupons, Video Value coupons (including the $4/20), and Wellness+ coupons. Clear as mud?

Here is an example:

$6.00 Tide Laundry Detergent
-$1 MFQ
= Pay $5.00 + tax
(You will get 6 points for this transaction)

$6.00 Tide Laundry Detergent
-$1 RAQ
= Pay $5.00 + tax
(You will get 5 points for this transaction)

If the Tide detergent in the above example also had a $1 Single Check Rebate, you would still get points as listed above, since points are awarded before rebates.

What are the coupons at the bottom of my receipt?
When you use your Wellness+ Card to buy specified items, your +UP Rewards will print at checkout on the bottom of your receipt.

What are +UP Rewards?
+UP rewards are issued as a coupon that prints at the bottom of you receipt when you purchase select items. They are coupons valid on any next purchase! Like cash! (Except prescriptions, alcohol and the usual exclusions.)

How do I spend my +UP Rewards?

+UP Rewards are basically a coupon valid on anything in the store! Use them on your next purchase at Rite Aid to buy whatever your heart desires. They can be used in addition to all other coupons.

Is there a limit on +UP Rewards?
If there is a limit stated in the ad -- then yes. If there is no limit stated in the ad, then the +UP Rewards for that item are usually unlimited for that item!

Do +UP Rewards expire?
Yes. The expiration for +UP rewards is between two and three weeks from the date they were generated.

What are Video Values Coupons?
Video Values coupons (VVQ) are coupons you can print from Rite Aid's website after watching small advertising videos. Occasionally, watching 15 videos in one category will allow you to print a $4/20 coupon. Do it! Right now! Do whatever you have to in order to print that $4/20 each month. Video Values coupons reset each month and have unique, one-time-use barcodes.

If you have other Rite Aid questions, feel free to ask and I will add them here!


The Martin Family said...

What? I went yesterday and the clerk would NOT accept the Huggies coupon because it said "Manufacturer's." She said that corporate really hit them hard yesterday on coupon people. She said they fired 7 people state wide for not checking coupons!

It was the RA right by your parent's house.

Annalisa said...

Rite Aid coupons have the nonstandard barcode that start with RC, which stands for "Riteaid Coupon." If all else fails, show them the printout of the Rite Aid coupon policy, which states that they accept one MFQ and one RAQ per item!

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