Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Shopping Deals

Since I've been out of town the last two weeks I realized I didn't have any Halloween candy yet! So I hit the stores early this morning to snag a few good deals.

Rite Aid Transaction #1:$8.99 Huggies Jumbo Pack
$6.79 Dulcolax Balance
$3.75 Advil, 20 ct
$3.75 Advil, 20 ct
$1.00 Kit Kat, 8 pack
-$5/25 RAQ
-$2.50 Huggies MFQ
-$8 Dulcolax MFQ (IPQ from a while back)
-$3.75 free Advil MFQ
-$3.75 free Advil MFQ

= $1.28 + tax
(And I got back a $2 +UP Reward.)

My sneaky 20% discount threw me at the register again and I had to toss in a pack of candybars to hit the $25 mark today. (Not that I'm complaining! I'll be sad to see my 20% discount go come January.) I also had a free Advil MFQ that I got in the mail, and another that I won, so I came out pretty good on diapers this morning.

Rite Aid Transaction #2:$2.50 Reese's Candy x 4
$2.50 Twix x 3
$2.50 Milky Way x 2
$2.50 Snickers
-$5/25 RAQ
-$1/2 MFQ x 2

-$1.50/3 MFQ x 2
-$2 +UP Reward from above
= $13.00 + tax
(And I got back a $10 +UP Reward!)

I think I'm pretty set for Halloween long as I can keep my grubby paws off the stash until Saturday. :)

Target Transaction: $3.86 Similac Ready To Feed
$3.86 Similac Ready To Feed
$3.86 Similac Ready To Feed
$14.59 Similac Powder
-$3 MFQ HERE x 4
= $14.17 + tax

I hit Target early in order to buy the new Taylor Swift CD with extra features exclusive to Target (yeeeee!) so I can mail it to my baby sister who's away at college. Then I did a little shopping while I was there.

My Target had a few varieties of the 1 quart Similac on TPC for $3.86 this morning! They come out to $0.027/fluid ounce, and the can of powder comes out to $0.128/fluid ounce (regular price at walmart is $0.16/fluid ounce.)


krw said...

are you stocking up on your next baby diapers... I mean, your daughter couldn't be in NB anymore right? Just wondering because I am doing the same, I think I have enough diapers for a while for my little girl so I have started stocking up for baby #2 even though we aren't even trying to get pregnant yet.

Annalisa said...

My rite aid only had size N and size 5 left in the Pure & Naturals, so I just grabbed size newborn since I have a lot of friends having babies soon.

But I *have* been stocking up for the next baby as well. It's just smart, right? Who doesn't love free diapers!

Ashley Poulsen said...

Have you been given a hard time about using more then one of the 5 off 25 coupons at Rite Aid? The guy at the register wouldn't let me use 2 in 2 transactions! It stunk!

Annalisa said...

Weird! I haven't had any trouble using multiple $5/25's!

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