Monday, January 31, 2011

How To Start Shopping At Rite Aid

Does the task of getting started couponing seem daunting to you? If so, help is on the way.

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to get yourself ready to save at Rite Aid the way I do. I promise it's so easy that anyone can do it! All you need to do is follow these steps. They will help you gather all the tools you need to get the job done. So here we go!

Start gathering your tools:

Tool #1. Go HERE and sign up for a Wellness+ card. (They are similar to a Smith's Fresh Values card.) This is what will get you the sale prices in the ad each week. When you sign up online, the website will let you print a temporary pass while they mail you a real card. Use that to start your shopping.

Tool #2. Go HERE and start watching the monthly Adperk videos that earn you Video Values Coupons. Occasionally you will have to watch 15 of a certain category to earn a $5 off a $20+ purchase coupon. Do it! Do whatever you have to, to earn that coupon for the month. It's the golden coupon that will help you get free or cheap goods each month.

Tool #3. Go HERE and create a Single Check Rebate (SCR) account. Rite Aid has an online rebate system that is super slick. All you do is enter the header information from your Rite Aid receipt into your account to earn your rebate. No mailing required! Often the great deals will involve SCR's, so get your account set up ahead of time.

Tool #4: Join Upromise HERE and enter your Wellness+ card number into your account. Then load their e-coupons onto your card to save money for your child's college education without even thinking about it. (See more details on how Upromise works HERE.)

Now comes the good part!

5. Start gathering coupons. If you don't have a newspaper subscription, go HERE for more information on how to start one. If you do have a newspaper, start saving your Smartsource and Proctor & Gamble coupon inserts each week. (And don't forget to save the Redplum insert that comes in the Tuesday mail!)

6. Check the Rite Aid thread every Sunday night to see the best deals posted for each week. Use the scenarios at the bottom of the post as a guide to help you maximize your $4/20 Video Values Coupon (see tool #2).

7. Go forth and conquer. Get your diapers on the cheap, your toothpaste free, and your toilet paper for less than Costco. And never pay retail price again! It really is as simple as it sounds.

Don't forget to check out the Rite Aid FAQ thread for answers to common questions. And if you're ever stumped about something, drop me an email! slavetosave{at}gmail{dot}com


The Martin Family said...

first...what are you doing up at 5am?
second...would you use your 20 Gift of Sav this week?

Annalisa said...

Ha ha! (I wasn't really up at 5 -- I just scheduled the post to come up at 5. :)

Yes, this would be a great week to use your gift of savings! Especially with items that have SCR's, because you basically cash out your GOS. Sweet!

$1 Lays chips
$19.99 Neuragen
-$20 GOS
= $0.99 + tax
(Get back $19.99 SCR & $1 +UP)

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