Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

This morning I first stopped by Rite Aid to grab some free diapers. I also needed some ice cream for our Superbowl party this Sunday. Here's how it went:

Rite Aid
$8.99 Huggies Jumbo
$5.99 Afrin
$5.99 Coricidin
$2.99 Dreyer's
$2.99 Dreyer's
-$4/20 RAQ
-$2 Huggies MFQ
-$2 Huggies RAQ
-$3 Afrin MFQ
-$2 Afrin RAQ
-$2 Coricidin MFQ
-$2 Coricidin RAQ
-$9 +UP Rewards (previous)
= $0.95 + tax
(And get back $12 +UP Rewards.)

Next I stopped by Walgreens to use up my $10 RR from last week. Here's how it went:

$2 Smart Balance
$2 Smart Balance
$5 Scott Naturals Paper Towels
$5 Cottonelle TP, 12 large rolls
2/$1 Van Camp's x 4
$0.39 Butterfinger Snackerz x 12
-$1/2 Smart Balance MFQ
-$1 Scott WAG Q
-$1 Scott MFQ
-$0.50 Cottonelle MFQ
-$1 Cottonelle WAG Q
-$1/2 Snackers MFQ x 6
-$10 RR
= $0.18 + tax

I couldn't find the $1/4 Van Camp's MFQ in my All You Magazine for some reason, but I bought the Van Camp's anyway because I think I'm going to make some baked beans for our Superbowl party this weekend. And I plan to use the Snackerz as toppings for our ice cream Sundaes (using the ice cream I got free at Rite Aid!).

To see this week's Rite Aid deals, go HERE.
To see this week's Walgreens deals, go HERE.

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Melissa and Allen said...

I did AWESOME at Rite Aid this week too and got 6 packs of diapers- yay! I needed them! And I'm only $11 away from my $20 reward! Glad I'm going to get it this time!

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