Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Smith's Trip - 78% Savings

I went shopping with my sister-in-law this morning to grab a few good deals at Smith's mega promo this week. Here's what I got:

$0.92 Rotel Tomatoes x 16
$1.99 Kraft Cheese Singles x 3
$0.98 Hunt's tomatoes x 3
$1.49 Philly Cream Cheese x 4
$2.49 Wheat Thins
$2.58 Pepperidge Farm Snack Stix
$2.49 Ritz Crackers
$2.69 Pepperidge Farm Crisps
$1.88 Dannon Yogurt
$1.99 Milk
$2.26 Grapes
$1.25 Smith's Eggs
$1.99 Kroger Sugar
$1.66 Kroger Flour
$1.99 Baking Powder
-$5 instant savings wyb 10
-$5 instant savings wyb 10

-$5 instant savings wyb 10

-$0.50 cellfire
-$1/2 Philly Cream Cheese x 2 (tearpad)

-$1 Dannon

-$1/2 Nabisco x 2

-$1/3 Rotel x 4
-B3G1 Rotel (All You Mag)

-$1 Pepperidge Farm x 2

-$1/3 Hunt's (All You Mag)

-$7 Smith's Rewards Mailer

= $15.44 + tax

(Saved 78%.)

This was a great quick trip. I needed a few staples (like milk, eggs, flour, sugar) and I picked up a few things to stock my pantry & freezer with (Rotel, Hunt's, cream cheese, kraft singles) since they were on sale. If you can work in the stock-up items into your regular shopping trips, it becomes virtually painless to keep your pantry stocked because you never have to pay full price!

So what am I cooking this week for dinner?

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Quesadillas (just needed cream cheese today)
Thursday - Chili & Rice
Friday - Eat out, using a Living Social gift card (that hubby begged me to buy)
Saturday - Leftovers (we've got some great butternut squash soup left that I made with my Bountiful Baskets squash this week!)
Sunday - Superbowl Party - stay tuned
Monday - Egg McMuffins (hubby's request - still need english muffins)

We're keeping it low-key this week. I love trying new recipes, but we're keeping it simple so we can focus on the party on Sunday. Fun!


heather said...

do you know if cream cheese freezes? I freeze all kinds of other cheese but never tried cream cheese. What do you think?

Annalisa said...

I freeze cream cheese all the time. It freezes great if you are planning to use it in cooking. If you're planning to use it to spread on bagels or toast, I think it changes the texture just a touch.

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