Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday Shopping - Smiths & Sunflower Market

On Saturday I had my brother & his wife over for dinner, and I also took dinner to my neighbor who had a baby. I decided to serve strawberry shortcake for dessert, so I stopped by Sunflower Market to grab a few more Strawberries and use my Cascadian Farms/Muir Glen coupons from the grand opening this week. My trip turned out awesome!

$0.88 Strawberries x 2
$2.99 Cascadian Farms Cereal
$2.49 Muir Glen Tomatoes
$2.49 Cascadian Farms Edamame
$3.99 Muir Glen Pasta Sauce
$2.49 Muir Glen Soup
$0.70 Yellow Onions ($0.59/lb)
-$5 instant savings wyb 5
-$1 Cereal MFQ
-$1 Canned tomatoes MFQ
-$1 Frozen Veggies MFQ
-$1 Pasta Sauce MFQ
-$1 Soup MFQ
-$0.10 bag refund
= $6.81 + tax

(Saved $20.12 -- 75%)

Next I stopped by Smith's to grab a few things for dinner (like shortcake & whip cream!) and some free pasta from the mega promo this week.

$0.99 Ronzoni Pasta x 12
$1.99 Kraft Cheese x 4
$2.49 Triscuits x 2
$2.49 Wheat Thins
$1.99 Dannon Yogurt
$1.99 Corn Chex
$0.89 Mandarin Oranges x 2
$1.99 Hallmark Card
$0.59 Morton Salt
$2.49 Reddi Wip
$3.99 Angel Food Cake
$4.49 Dole Salad
$4.49 Dole Salad
$1.49 Carrots
$3.99 Blue Cheese
-$5 Mega Savings
-$5 Mega Savings
-$1/2 Pasta MFQ (SS 1/23) x 6
-$0.75 Chex MFQ
-$1.99 Free Hallmark Card store coupon
-$1 Danon MFQ
-$1/2 Kraft MFQ x 2 (catalina coupon)
-$1 Triscuits MFQ x 2
-$1 Wheat Thins MFQ
= $31.85 + tax

(Saved $50.44 -- 61%)

My mom called me asked me to bring a salad to our family dinner yesterday, and I was low on lettuce so I figured I'd pick some up at Smith's. Their heads of romaine were $2.99 EACH! (Insert jawdrop here.) I knew I'd need at least 3 heads, so I ended up buying bagged, precut romaine because it was actually cheaper! That, my friends, is an example of what last minute shopping will do to you! If I'd had the time, I would have run to Sam's and bought a 5-pack for $2.97, as well as a $5 giant tub of blue cheese (as opposed to the teeny tiny $4 one I bought here). Planning pays!

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