Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smith's Grand Re-Opening Shopping Trip

So, I had a busy morning today. Two grand openings in one day! I discovered late last night while I was glancing at my ads that my nearby Smith's store was having a grand re-opening after completing some remodeling. I was too tired to gather my coupons & take part in some of their sweet sales this week (more on that later), but I decided that I would at least stop by to grab the freebies and a few needed items this morning.

I arrived 30 minutes after the store opened, but I still managed to secure a bag of freebies that was given to the first 300 customers. It included coupons for free orange juice, english muffins, eggs, little sizzlers and a greeting card (which I did not purchase today). There were also samples & coupons throughout the store with new products to try.

The store is beautiful! I'm so excited about the facelift. It seems there are two basic layouts of Smith's stores. My store had the old one and the other stores near me have the new one. It's confusing to try to remember which store layout you are in while you're shopping! So I'm excited that now all I have to keep track of is the new layout to find things.

$2.18 Milk
$1.09 Breadcrumbs
$0.74 Tomato Sauce
$4.00 Calamine Lotion
$0.00 Orange Juice
$0.00 English Muffins
$0.00 Dozen Eggs
$0.00 Little Sizzlers
-$0.50 cellfire e-coupon
= $7.51 + tax
(Saved $7.13 - 48%)

The Bambina woke up with a rash or irritation of some sort on her tummy, and was scratching it like mad. (I did buy her a new set of onesies last week, but I washed them before I put them on her?) So we gave her a bath and then I grabbed a bottle of Calamine at Smith's, to see if it helps. My hubby has sensitive skin, so I'm guessing that's what this is.

At any rate -- it was a good morning!

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