Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Entertainment book $17 + Free Shipping (17 hour sale)

Save on all the things you love to do!

Entertainment books are currently on sale for $17 + free shipping for the next 17 hours. If you don't have a 2011 book yet, it might be worth it to grab one.

Hint: If you go through Shop At Home, you can get 45% cash back! That makes the books only $9.35 each or $4.35 each for new customers (who get a $5 bonus).

There are tons of great money-saving coupons inside the Entertainment Book. Hubby and I always use a BOGO coupon for our favorite restaurant that's in the book every year. That one dinner alone pays for the book! Then everything else after that is pure savings.


Megan said...

what is your favorite place to eat? I'm curious. :)

Annalisa said...

Okay, technically it's MY favorite place...and hubby just humors me. If you don't already know this about me, I'm a huge sucker for Mexican food. As in, I could eat it every day! So my favorite restaurants with the BOGO entree coupons are Cancuun Cafe and Su Casa!

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