Friday, March 18, 2011

Huggies Diapers Price Increase

I heard on the news this morning that Kimberly Clark, the makers of Huggies, are introducing price increases to many of their products, which includes their diapers. This 7% price increase could begin as soon as June. The increase translates either to about a $1 dollar increase per jumbo pack or a decrease in package count to make up the 7%.

Read more on this HERE.

What does this mean?
In my opinion, this could level the playing field between Huggies and Pampers a little bit. Historically, we've seen deals that are better and more frequent for Huggies. With this price increase, I think we will start seeing more of an even number of deals between the two brands.

What can I do now?
If your household uses diapers or plans to use diapers in the near future, I would recommend that you start stocking up now. Here are some steps to help:
  • Start gathering & printing your coupons.
  • Sign up for Amazon Mom, where you can save 30% on diapers (with no sales tax and free shipping). Then watch for the 20% off or $10 off Amazon codes in your Parents Magazines. Start using Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards with very little effort.
  • Keep your eyes out for good diaper sales throughout the week (Fresh Market has a decent one on Pampers this week).
  • Watch the Rite Aid weekly deals & scenarios, which is where I often get my cheap diapers. (Huggies will be on sale starting this Sunday at Rite Aid, and we'll definitely be able to get them cheap, if not free.)

What else can I do?
Don't despair! Take a deep breath. Prices always increase over time, usually around the same rate of inflation (3%). Just do the best you can for your family, and be prepared to shop smart.

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