Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Drugstore & Target Deals

I didn't need much at Rite Aid this morning, but we were out of milk and I had some +UP's that were going to expire, so here's what I did:
Rite Aid
$2.60 Winder Milk
$29.99 Loreal Youth Code Starter Kit
-$2/10 Beauty RAQ
-$3 Youth Code MFQ (RP 2/20)
-$10 Youth Code Feb Video Values coupon
-$10 +UP's from previous weeks
= $7.59 + tax
(And I got a $5 +UP Reward back.)

I'm going to try to submit for the $10 MIR wyb $30+ Loreal, even though my total was $29.99. Sometimes they'll overlook a penny. I was hoping to buy two individual pieces but they were out, so the starter kit was it. I've been eager to try this system anyway, so I'll be okay even if I don't get the rebate.

(Somehow I didn't get the Neutrogena mascara in the photo. Doh. Use your imagination.)

$2.99 Tropicana OJ
$2.99 Tropicana OJ
$1.97 Dano-nino Yogurt
$1.97 Dano-nino Yogurt
$3 Tostitos
$3 Tostitos
$2.50 Salsa
$1.00 Mug Rootbeer
$7.49 Neutrogena Mascara
-$2 Neutrogena target catalina coupon
-$3 Neutrogena MFQ (All You Mag, Jan 2011)
-$2 OJ MFQ from facebook last week x 2
-$1 Dano-nino MFQ (SS 2/27) x 2
-$0.50 TQ Artisan Tostitos Chips
-$1 TQ wyb 2 chips & a pepsi product 2-liter
-$0.55 MFQ Tostitos (SS 2/27) x 2
-free salsa wyb 2 chips instant promo
= $10.81 + tax

(Saved $17.97)

I went to Target this morning with the intention of trying on some sandals on the Bambina. (She screamed and refused to walk in every pair. What's the deal? Any suggestions on comfy toddler sandals?) And I figured while I was there I should grab a few good deals. The hubby is a chips & salsa fanatic, and The Bambina loves the yogurt. The Neutrogena mascara (waterproof) is for our upcoming cruise in a few weeks. It was a good day!

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Megan said...

I have heard that Loreal is honoring the rebate if you spend 29.99 so send it in! Shoes...I love stride rite for my kids. Watch for them on clearance off-season at dillards...they end up being cheaper than the pieces of plastic you get at payless. Their quality is amazing...I would pay twice what I have paid in the past for them because they hold up so well. Good Luck!

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