Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What To Cook With Your Free Pasta

So did you all get your fill of free pasta this last week at Smith's? I know I did. (Hubby actually commented about not having room to store it all. Puh-lease. I'm sure we'll manage.)

If you need some fresh ideas of what to cook with your newfound pasta collection, here are some great ideas with great reviews, courtesy of food.com (my favorite):

One of my all-time favorite pasta dishes is something my mother-in-law makes. She tosses cooked chicken (or salmon), toasted pine nuts, capers & season-all with spaghetti or angel hair. It's delicious! I'll have to get the recipe from her.

Happy cooking this week, everyone!


Abe and Lisa said...

Yum..I want the recipe your mother in law uses. Sounds so good. I sure love capers just bought some yesterday because I was out. Send it my way :)

Nic said...

Try atomic pasta.....Brown italian sausage...take out of pan...brown button mushrooms in olive oil and garlic....lots of garlic (hense the atomic part of the dish) sautee til cooked through....then add either chopped roma or chopped sun dried.(winco bulk section)...sautee for a few min...then add back in the sausage...3/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and poor over linguine noodles...toss...then put on as much parm as you like....you will crave this dish...PROMISE!!!!!

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