Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I stopped by Walgreens this morning to pick up some Crayola Color Wonder books, but they were already gone at 8:10 am. So I headed over to Rite Aid to get some free Pampers.

$1.99 Poligrip
$1.99 Poligrip
$8.99 Pampers Cruisers
$9.99 Tena Ultrathin
-$1.99 Poligrip MFQ
-$1.99 Poligrip MFQ
-$2 Pampers MFQ (mailer)
-$2.50 Tena MFQ
-$10 +UP Reward (previous)
-$1 +UP Reward (previous) x 4
= $0.48 + tax
(And I'll get back $13.97 SCR.)

It ended up being a nice way to cash my +UP's into money (via the single check rebates), or a nice way to get free diapers -- how ever you want to look at it. It's always a great week when I can get free diapers!

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Jen and Jared said...

Our Walgreens was out of those too! Except I was lucky and stumbled upon one down another eisle that someone had stashed away. Those things were a hot item!

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