Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CSN Stores Review

I got the chance a few weeks ago to do a review for CSNstores.com. I had a hard time choosing an item, because they carry so much! Ultimately I chose a white noise machine -- the Sound Spa from Homedics.

The Bambina is a super light sleeper. I've heard from other moms that this is common with a first child, because they are used to the house being quiet while they sleep (since there are no other siblings). She such a light sleeper that I can't do dishes, blowdry my hair or even open the front door while she sleeps. So I thought a sound machine might be able to help me be more productive while she's napping!

I'd read some reviews on various sound machines, and most of the baby ones said the main complaint was that they don't go loud enough. So far I have LOVED the Homedics Sound Spa. It has plenty of volume! I only turn it up about a quarter of the way, and it's plenty loud. Plus it has six sound choices (rain, heartbeat, ocean, summer night, waterfall and rainforest). They are all very natural and soothing sounding, but I use the rain most frequently because in my opinion, it has the least amount of distracting noises in it. (It's most consistent.) The Sound Spa also has a timer, so you can set the machine to turn off when your little one falls asleep. I don't use this feature because my daughter doesn't have trouble falling asleep (...it's the staying asleep that's tricky). But I could see it being a useful feature for others.

So the big question is -- does it work? So far, I think so! I've been able to do some dishes and cooking the last few weeks without The Bambina waking up prematurely, which is great. I feel much more productive, and I know she's getting the sleep she really needs! I'd definitely recommend this Sound Spa if you're looking for a white noise machine.

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