Monday, February 28, 2011

Saving Big At The Zoo

As we break into spring now, it's time to start thinking about outdoor activities for the kiddos! I thought I'd give you heads up on how to save big if you're planning to go to Utah's Hogle Zoo this year. Purchasing a season pass can save you some serious cash! Adult tickets (age 13-64) are $9 and children's tickets (age 3-12) are $7.

A basic pass to the Hogle Zoo: $80
Includes access for 2 parents & all children under 18 to the zoo for 1 year.

A Household Membership to the National Zoo: $60
Includes access for entire household living at one address to the National Zoo and free membership to hundreds of reciprocating zoos and aquariums nationwide, including Utah's Hogle Zoo and Tracy Aviary!

So you can save yourself $20 bucks, plus get access to Tracy Aviary and other venues across the country just by purchasing the National Zoo membership. Now that's a sweet deal!


Jane of all trades said...

Do you know how long this deal will last? I have a membership to the Aviary that will expire in November I would love to get one of these when it does.

Annalisa said...

Jane -- this is a regular price, every day deal! So you can purchase the membership whenever your current one expires. :)

Rachel Hoggan said...

I just saw this, and thought you might want to note that many zoos that participate in this reciprocal program don't reciprocate with free admission--some are just discounted admissions. Hogle Zoo only reciprocates at 50% off. So if you bought a National Zoo membership intending to use it primarily for Hogle Zoo, you might be disappointed because you would actually just get 50% off every time you go to Hogle Zoo. But I still think it's a great program to be able to get discounts at zoos across the country. I have a LA Zoo pass with the reciprocal program and am looking forward to getting 50% off my visit to the Hogle Zoo when I come visit next month.

Annalisa said...

Thanks for the heads up, Rachel! My sister-in-law has purchased a national zoo membership for many years and it's always been free for her, so they must have changed their policy recently. I'm going to call and check!

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