Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rite Aid +UP Rewards Program

Rite Aid is really rollin' out the big guns this year! First the Wellness+ Rewards Program, and now the +UP Rewards program! (It's pronounced plus up, just FYI.)

The Rite Aid +UP Rewards program is starting today, nationwide. You must be a Wellness+ card holder & must scan your card to receive +UP rewards.

What are +UP Rewards?
+UP rewards are issued as a coupon that prints at the bottom of you receipt when you purchase select items. (Similar to Extra Care Bucks at CVS.)

How do I spend my +UP Rewards?

+UP Rewards are basically a coupon valid on anything in the store! (Except alcohol, cigarettes, and stamps as noted.)
Use them on your next purchase at Rite Aid to buy whatever your heart desires. They can be used in addition to all other coupons.

Is there a limit on +UP Rewards?
Yes. +UP rewards are currently limited to one reward per person or Wellness+ card per week of each deal. So if Pampers have a $1 +UP Reward in a given week and you purchase two packs, you will only receive one $1 +UP Reward. (If you happen to receive two, it is a glitch in the system that will likely correct itself.)

Do +UP Rewards expire?
The expiration for +UP rewards is between two and three weeks.

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