Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heads Up - Seven Peaks Coupon in Valpak

Heads up - don't throw out your Valpak mailer this week without looking through it! Some people are reporting receiving a coupon for FREE admission to Seven Peaks Waterpark in theirs!

Let me know if you find one!

{Thanks, Freebies2Deals!}


Unknown said...

I have one in mine. I was thinking with a baby - that is a great value. Expires June 30 though.

Jess said...

I got one! Oh and I was going to say at Rite Aid (if there are any left) the Mega Packs (is that the name of the bigger of the two?) of Huggies are on sale for 8.99. it isn't listed anywhere but I had the lady ring it up and it came to 8.99. There were only two left at my Rite Aid but one was a size N which doesn't work for me.

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