Saturday, June 12, 2010

Organizing All You Magazine Coupons

I received my July issue of All You Magazine in the mail this week. It came with tons of great coupons inside that I'm excited about this month (over $53 dollars worth).

Most of you know I maintain a clipless organizing system for my coupon inserts. I've had a few readers ask how I organize my All You Magazine coupons -- so I thought I'd show you!

{My July issue of All You}

  1. After it comes in the mail, I flip through it and browse all of the coupons one by one. When I find a coupon that is either an exceptionally high value coupon (that will make for a great deal), or something I will use, I write it in sharpie on the front cover. Then I take this magazine, leaving it whole, and file it in a folder within my coupon file box with a tab labeled "All You."
  2. I also print out a list of that issue's coupons from and stick it to my filing cabinet next to my computer. That way I can see all the coupons that are in the issue, and I will remember to clip the ones I need to take with me to the store.

{My coupon file box}

And that is how I maintain my clipless sytem while utilizing All You Magazine coupons!

*If you don't have a subscription to All You Magazine, you can purchase them on the newsstand at Walmart or subscribe to it HERE (much cheaper!)

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