Monday, June 7, 2010

May Spending Totals

I was a little bit over budget this month. Okay, a lot over budget.

The Smith's double promo put me over the top at only halfway through the month, and after that I sort of went hog-wild since I knew I was already over budget! Bad, bad mentality!

I've been feeling like I need to raise my budget a little bit, maybe to $120 or so. The high cost of babyfood and the Bambina's vitamins are breaking the bank. And I think if I raised it a bit, I'd do better at not throwing in the towel once I get close to the brim!

Here's where my biggest chunks were spent this month:

  • I stocked my freezer with a ton of frozen chicken when I found a sale on marked down meat at Smith's.
  • I took part in a freezer meal swap using my favorite cookbook! It's didn't make for super cheap meals, but it made for convenient, tasty ones!
  • I shelled out $11 bucks for a multivitamin for the Bambina, which she hated and refused to eat. So I had to shell out another $13 bucks for a strictly-D vitamin, which she'll choke down more or less.
  • I also spent $43 at the Smith's double days. But it was so worth it because I stocked up on a lot of good condiments & things!

So this month I'm going to be aiming for $120. I think I can, I think I can!

Spent in May: $213.00
Saved in May: $428.19 (67%)

How did you all do this month?

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