Monday, May 17, 2010

My Smith's Shopping Trip

I packed up the Bambina this morning and hit Smith's at 7am right after her morning feeding. I put her in the front carrier (to maximize cart space!) and went to town. It was so nice shopping early while the aisles were empty! Everything I wanted was in stock except for the Yoplait Greek Yogurt, Mentos Gum (just plain couldn't find it) and the Sunkist Soda (they had 1, I wanted 4). Overall it was an awesome shopping trip, and the register doubled all the coupons up to $1 automatically!

12 Gerber Baby Food
12 CoverGirl Eye Shadow
2 Suddenly Salad
4 Campbell's Cream Soup
3 Rosarita Beans
3 Kotex
1 Egglands
2 Wacky Mac
1 Ketchup
1 Mustard
1 Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
2 Tide to Go Pens
2 Cake Mixes/Frostings
1 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
2 Potatoes
1 Warm Delights
2 Sunny Delight
2 Cheetos
3 Cache Valley
2 Birds Eye
2 Mirra
3 Jack Daniels
1 Yeast
2 El Monterey Burritos
2 Dial
3 Kotex
2 Flipz
1 Lea & Perrins
4 Reynold's Liners
1 DiGiorno 200 Calorie
1 3 Musketeers
2 Trident White Gum
2 Land O Lakes Butter
1 Bumblebee Tuna Pouch
2 Satin Care Shave Gel
1 Softsoap

My total before coupons was $185.75 + tax, and my total after was $41.41 + tax -- which represents a savings of 78 percent! And that includes 12 packs of babyfood, which I just plain needed (and I had two $0.75/6 MFQs that doubled to $1.00/6). I also had a bunch of $2 CoverGirl MFQ's from BzzAgent a while back, so I got a little overage from those with the P&G Promo.
Overall it was a good shopping trip.

If you've been wanting to try shopping with coupons and saving, this is a great week to start! You can do this! Clip what you've got and head to Smith's to do some damage. Your pocket book will thank you.

Go HERE to see how to get all the deals I got this morning.

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