Monday, February 7, 2011

Winco Shopping Trip

I stopped by Winco last Saturday with the hubby and immediately realized it was a mistake when we pulled in the parking lot. There was not a single cart available in the cart bay, and people were hiding out and hunting them down in the parking lot! I walked inside, saw the line was to the back of the store, and walked back out. (Since I knew the mailer would be good through this week!)

So I ran to Winco this morning with my friend who had never been (gasp!) and we snagged some awesome deals with our mailers from last week. She was in complete awe of the bulk bins. (Plus the place was practically empty at 9 in the morning, which was awesome.)

$2.28 Tillamook Butter x 2
$3.98 Frozen chicken, 3 lbs
$4.51 Frozen Breakfast Sausage
$7.39 Pork Sirloin Roast
$20.36 Ground Beef, 10 lbs
$0.55 Chicken Broth x 2
$0.98 Bertolli Pasta Sauce x 2
$0.74 Fresh Ground Peanut Butter ($1.48/lb)
$0.83 Black Beans ($0.77/lb)
$0.41 Navel Oranges ($0.18/lb)
$3.66 Dried Apple Rings ($2.75/lb)
$0.78 Saltines (not pictured)
$0.78 Tortilla Chips
$2.98 Gala Apples, 3 lb bag
$1.87 Reynold's Slow Cooker Liners x 3
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/30) x 3
$2.48 Minute Maid OJ x 2
-BOGO MFQ (previous printable)
$1.68 Athenos Hummus
-$1 Athenos MFQ HERE
$0.98 Bar S Bacon x 2
-$1/2 Bar S MFQ HERE
$2.98 Precious String Cheese
-$1 String Cheese MFQ (SS 1/2)
= $62.75 + tax
(Saved $15.58 -- 20%)

I feel really good about this shopping trip overall! Here are my thoughts:
  • I plan to divide the ground beef into 1 lb sections to freeze, which will essentially make 10 dinners.
  • The bacon ended up being $0.50 each after coupon. Score!
  • My BOGO OJ coupon was going to expire, so I used it.
  • The slow cooker liners ($0.87 for four after coupon) are worth every penny in my book.
  • I feel like I should have bought more oranges for only $0.18/lb! Does anyone do anything creative with large quantities of oranges? Just curious.
  • The fresh ground peanut butter is amazing!
{PB & honey for lunch. Mmm-mmm.}

Did anyone else venture to Winco this week?


Jennylyn said...

I went on Saturday night and it was indeed a circus. Got a few good deals but not sure how soon I will go back there :)

The Martin Family said...

I was a FOOL and went Saturday afternoon! I was ticked my whole shopping trip. The aisles were crowed and the lines were long. I will NEVER do that again. You were smart walk away.

p.s. I have a great smoothie recipe that calls for a lot of oranges.
I will email it to you.

Annalisa said...

I feel your pain, ladies! Keep in mind Winco is open 24 hours, and those mailer coupons are valid until 2/13/11. I've found that early morning is a great time at Winco. So don't give up!! It's worth every penny when it's not too busy. :)

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