Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I hit up Rite Aid this morning for some Huggies & cold medicine.

$9.99 Huggies (20% discount)
$6.99 Coldcalm
$4.99 Chestal
$1.83 Uncle Ben's Rice
$1.99 Excedrin
$1.99 Excedrin
-$2.50 Excedrin MFQ
-$2.50 Excedrin MFQ

-$3 Coldcalm MFQ

-$3 Chestal MFQ

-$0.75 Uncle Ben's MFQ

-$0.30 Uncle Ben's RAQ

-$2 Huggies MFQ

-$4 +UP Reward (previous)
-$4 +UP Reward (previous)

-$2 +UP Reward (previous)

-$2 Wellness RAQ

-$1 Wellness RAQ

= $0.73 + tax

I'll get back $11.98 SCR for the two cold medicines, and I got back $1 +UP Reward for the rice. Plus, this pushed me over the edge for my Winter Rewards, so I got my $20 +Up Reward. Hooray!

See more of this week's Rite Aid deals HERE.


krw said...

I got my $20 back today, but turned around and used it towards 2 pillow pets... I have been wanting one for my daughter and my sister wanted one for her son. Essentially, I got mine for free. I really love riteaid... I am not the best shopper there, but I definitely read your riteaid posts every week - they are the most helpful I have seen and I google "riteaid deals 2/6" or whatever date. Thanks for all your work - you help my family save a whole lot of money. I hit winco today too - felt like I got some good deals!

Annalisa said...

Wonderful! Glad to hear it!!

Melissa and Allen said...

I got my $20 this week too! Woohoo!

Holly said...

How do you find out about the unadvertised UP rewards? I was able to take advantage of those today on the Pillsbury products and the rice. Thanks!

Annalisa said...


I guess the unadvertised +UPs are monthly in nature, so there is a list I found on an internet forum that someone had made. They sure are nice, though!

Holly said...

Well thanks! Your Rite Aid ideas are the best!

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