Friday, February 11, 2011

The Benefits of an Amazon Mom Account

The Amazon Mom program is free for anyone to join, and it gets you a free 3-month of Amazon Prime (their free 2-day shipping perk that normally costs $78/year), and a 30% discount on select diapers & wipes. Those perks alone are pretty sweet.

However, I recently discovered that purchasing baby items through your Amazon Mom account can actually extend the life of your Amazon Prime! I purchased a tricycle in December for a Sub-for-Santa project that was needed quickly (and the 2-day shipping came in handy). I also purchased The Bambina's Britax convertible carseat through Amazon, because the new models were 20% off (cheaper than any store I could find around town) and they had free shipping & no tax (which makes a big difference when you're buying a $200+ item!).

Later, I received an email stating that for purchasing these two items, my Amazon Prime membership had been extended an additional 12 months. Yipee! That means I can use it to order last minute stocking stuffers again next year. :)

If you haven't joined yet, you can do so HERE.

In essence: the more I buy, the longer they will extend my Prime. And the longer they extend my Prime, the more I will buy. Such a pleasant cycle! Thank you, Amazon.

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