Monday, October 11, 2010

New Ebay Policy Regarding Coupon Purchases

Do any of you ever buy extra coupons on ebay? I do. I often purchase individual sets of a specific coupon for an upcoming sale, and occasionally I'll buy a whole insert if it's really great.

Sometimes I'll buy coupons from a clipper (such as, but most of the time I use ebay to avoid handling fees and minimum purchase requirements. It's just so gosh darn convenient!

Ebay is currently in the process of changing their policy regarding the purchase of coupons on their site. On October 26th, their new policy will go into effect which forces sellers to list sets of coupons individually (rather than saying they have a certain quantity available).

This is going to drastically increase the cost for eBay sellers listing coupons, which will result in a drastic reduction of the amount of coupons for sale on eBay. And because we know a little about economics -- this means the price of those few individual sets will go up up up with the high demand.

Additionally, Ebay has chosen not to alert buyers of this change! Boo, eBay!

If you are a coupon purchaser (or think you might be in the future) please take the time to read the explanation and letter to eBay located HERE -- and if you agree, please sign the petition.

You can help spread the word by letting your friends know via a link to facebook, twitter, or email. We want eBay to hear our concerns and consider their change of policy before October 26th!

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