Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July Spending Totals

Okay, I just realized I'm behind on posting my budget totals! When my computer died in July (have I ever mentioned how much I hate Windows Vista?), I couldn't access my savings spreadsheet for about a month there. I still kept track of things, just not in their usual place. As a result, I didn't really know where my budget was at so I was a little bit over budget for July. But I had a really good savings percentage this month.

Spent in July: $163.60
Saved in July: $465.60 (74%)

I'll be posting totals for August and September this week, so stay tuned...

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Cam said...

Since I have been really trying to keep on budget I have been trying to come up with a spreadsheet that I like and it just never seems to work out very well. Would you mind sharing your spreadsheet? Or could you tell me how it is layed out?

If its easier to respond through email my address is tracycamille@gmail.com


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