Wednesday, October 13, 2010

August Spending Totals

In August we took The Bambina to her 9 month checkup, at which point we found out that her weight percentile had dropped to less than 10%. It has been decreasing steadily for the last few months.

Why, you ask? Because I can't get this girl to eat! Seriously. Every single bite of food into her mouth is a fight. Something she loves one day, she hates the next. So every day is a new challenge, opening and preparing a billion different foods until you find the magic one that captures her fancy.

So in August, I had a big grocery shopping trip the day after her doctor's appointment where I bought pretty much everything in sight, in an attempt to find something she likes. I've tried making homemade baby food but she screams and gags over it. So we've had to stick with Gerber because she seems to tolerate it okay. We go through 2 1/2 packages of Gerber 2nd foods a day at our house (assuming the flavor you open first is the flavor she's in the mood sometimes it's more), which has added an extra $75 to our grocery bill lately. Yikes!

But it's worth it, because I think The Bambina is doing better. Now that she can feed herself with some finger foods, she enjoys eating a lot more and I can get bites of other food in her mouth while she's self-feeding.

I also discovered that she LOVES shredded meat, like when I make a crockpot beef roast or a crockpot of slow-cooked chicken. She sees us eating it and wants to try it, which is wonderful. Spendy, but wonderful (if you cook them all the time). We just have to be careful that it doesn't have any dairy in it, since she's allergic to milk!

Spent in August: $277.18
Saved in August: $397.34 (59%)


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