Monday, May 3, 2010

Rite Aid Update - Ad Discrepancy

When I begin working on the Rite Aid weekly deal posts on Sunday mornings, it's usually via the laptop while nursing the Bambina at 6 am. I pull up the online circular for my zip code and begin scouring it.

This week we discovered (thanks to Colleen!) a discrepancy between the online ad and the actual weekly circular that arrived in the newspaper. This has never happened before!

The online ad lists a $3 Motrin RAQ and a $3 Thermacare RAQ on page 4 that are missing from our circular.

I called Rite Aid corporate (1-800-RITE-AID) to find out what the deal was. I spoke to Connie, who said there happened to be a discrepancy which was a mistake, and these coupons were not meant to be listed in our area. Since there is no way for them to actually get us these coupons to use at the store, she offered to mail me a $5 Rite Aid gift card for my troubles! (And those of you who shop Rite Aid know how far $5 can go.)

If you were planning on purchasing the Motrin or Thermacare this week (like I was), call Rite Aid corporate and they'll take care of you!


Colleen said...

I did the same thing and I also have a $5 gift card on the way! Woohoo! Thanks!

Annalisa said...

Yay! Glad it worked for you!

Baby Mama said...

I called and they were very rude to me. They said that I had the wrong ad. I was on the phone for about fifteen minutes. Sometimes Rite Aid drives me crazy!
I'm glad you got one though.

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