Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday Drugstore Deals

I hit up Rite Aid to grab some free CoverGirl this week, as well as some cheap diapers!

$11.82 CoverGirl Foundation x 3
$0.00 CoverGirl Foundation (BOGO) x 3
$9.99 Pampers Diapers
-$5/20 RAQ
-BOGO CoverGirl MFQ x 3
-$1.50 Pampers MFQ
= $3.49 + $2.77 tax
(And get back $1.50 SCR for Pampers)

I will qualify for the P&G coupon booklet (SCR #4) with this transaction, and also the $12 Magazine Rebate for buying $30+ CoverGirl items. So I got paid to buy makeup and diapers this week. How did you all do?

See the rest of this week's Rite Aid deals HERE.

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