Thursday, May 6, 2010

April Spending Totals

Sooooo, I was a little bit over budget this month. Okay, a lot over budget. I'm looking through my spreadsheet trying to figure out where the biggest spending chunks ended up.

  • I took advantage of a few caselot sales in April to stock up. Love those caselots!
  • The Bambina had a major meltdown with the homemade babyfood, so I've been continuing to buy storebought for a while. Hopefully that will end soon!
  • I ran out of prenatals (which are sort of expensive) and had to buy more. Luckily I found a decent deal and stocked up enough to last me for another 9 months or so, so that will be off my spending radar for a while.

The biggest chunk this month, however, was spent on impromptu grocery shopping trips when I took dinner to someone in my neighborhood spur of the moment and didn't have time to match up coupons. (See? The planning makes a huge difference!) But it feels good to help other people, and as a mom I know sometimes having a meal brought in can be such a blessing!

So I don't mind going over budget in this way. I keep my spending down on things I need enough to be able to help others out with things they need. Definitely a win-win.

Spent in April: $138.28
Saved in April: $423.17 (75%)

How did you all do this month?

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