Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Budget: June

Total spent in June on groceries & household supplies: $206.81
Total saved in June on groceries & household supplies: $89.26 (30.15%)

I was pretty close to being on budget for June, but as you can see from the savings total, I sort of fell off the coupon savings bandwagon. But I'm ready to get back on! June was a rough month for me, what with being sick, so there wasn't any stocking up of any sort. Hopefully July will be a little better!

Total spent in June eating out: $94.86

Eating out this month was WAAAAYY overboard, but that's what happens when the mama gets sick and the dad is left in charge I guess? Sigh. At least we didn't all starve!

How are you all doing with your budgets?

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