Monday, May 2, 2011

Walmart Shopping & Menu Plan

I stopped by Walmart this afternoon to do a little price matching on my weekly shopping. Here's what I got:

$0.88 Santitas x 3 3.3
$0.99 Tortillas 1.50
$1.00 Birds Eye Veggies 1.00
$1.98 Avocados (6) 3.9
$0.72 Tomatillos
$0.52 Bananas
$2.08 Cheese x 3 (I was out! Boo.)
$1.64 Eggs
$0.40 Buttermilk
$1.00 Enchilada Sauce
$1.00 Jalapenos
$2.24 Canola Oil
$0.50 Limes (5) 2.00
$1.26 Tomatoes 2.53
-$0.75/3 Birds Eye MFQ printable
= $23.38 + tax

I estimate that I saved around $15 off of Walmart prices just by pricematching and using one coupon. Not bad!

So what am I cooking with it this week? Here's the menu:

Tuesday - Chicken Quesadillas (chicken in the freezer)
Wednesday - Cafe Rio Salads (pork roast in the freezer)
Thursday - Chicken Nachos
Friday - Pork Kabobs (from here) with Quinoa Salad (been dying to try this salad)
Saturday - Chicken Enchiladas with homemade sauce

A whole lotta mexican food and a whole lotta chicken & pork. The perfect week if you ask me! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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