Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

I dropped by Rite Aid today to use the Breathe Right coupon (have I mentioned my hubby is a snorer?) and to grab a gallon of milk. I was intending to buy skim for the hubby and I but they only had whole left, so I grabbed one more of those.

$2.39 Winder Milk
$1.99 Uncle Ben's Rice
$2.50 Lysol Wipes
$5.19 Breathe Right
$5.96 Tide
-$3/15 Survey Coupon
-$1 Tide MFQ

-$2.49 Free Uncle Ben's MFQ

-$1.50 Lysol Printable MFQ

-$1 Lysol RAQ (when you donate to Primary Children's)

-$5.99 Breathe Right RAQ

-$2 +UP Reward (previous)

= $1.05 + tax

I guess the Breathe Right coupon automatically takes off $5.99, even if you have a gold level discount. I also had a free Uncle Ben's MFQ that I can't remember where I got (from facebook?). Anyway, she took off $2.49 for that even though my discount made it $1.99, and I didn't notice until later.

Overall, a pretty good trip. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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