Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Budget: April

Total spent in April on groceries & household supplies: $198.89
Total saved in April on groceries & household supplies: $180.97 (48%)

I actually feel pretty good about this month. I had planned on being way under my $200 budget, but I decided to partake in the Smith's caselot sale. I was low on canned beans, cream of chicken soup and a few other things, so I took advantage of the good sales and that put me right near my budget. Even though we were out of town for a week, I feel pretty good because I did some stocking up in exchange. I also stockpiled 5 packs of diapers within this budget, and got all my Easter basket fillers in there. Not too bad overall!

Total spent in April eating out: $24.98

I didn't include our vacation eating out (and meals at the airport) in this total, so it was actually fairly low. One charge was a pizza night, one charge was a lunch at Wendy's for the hubster (his fav) and one charge was McDonald's for a babysitter. Pretty good this month.

How are you all doing with your budgets?

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Luisa said...

You did great! I'm going to try to do $200 budget for this month and I hope I can do as good as you did :)

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