Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I stopped by Rite Aid this afternoon to grab some electrasol. Oh, and you guys. The Easter candy section was 90% off. (Aaah!) I definitely should not have walked over there. Sigh.

$6.49 Electrasol Tabs
$0.00 Electrasol Tabs (BOGO)
$0.10 Candy
$0.10 Candy
$0.10 Candy
$0.19 Chocolate Covered Peeps
-$1 Electrasol May Video Values coupon
-$0.75 Electrasol MFQ (SS 4/17)

-$0.75 Electrasol MFQ (SS 4/17)

= $4.48 + tax

(And I got back a $2 +UP Reward.)

(And the chocolate peeps have definitely already been eaten.)

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