Saturday, May 21, 2011

Groupon Ideas For Your $10 App Credit!

I mentioned last week that you can get a $10 Groupon credit for buying any Groupon using the mobile app, from now until 5/25/11. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing! You aren't limited to just Salt Lake City deals, because many other deals are online deals that anyone can use.

Today in Athens, Georgia you can get $55 worth of keepsake books for $15, which would be only $5 after your credit!

Today in Albequerque, New Mexico you can get any downloadable PC or Mac game for only $3, which would be $7 profit after your credit!! (Cha-ching! More money to use for your next Groupon.)

Today in Greenville, South Carolina you can get $20 to EverydaySource (who sells camera cases, cables, ink, toner, etc) for only $10, which would be FREE after your credit.

Today in Pensacola, Florida you can get a customized speaker (like to use for an ipod or something) for only $19, which is $9 after your credit. This might make a nice Father's Day gift.

Today in Corpus Christie, Texas you can get $35 worth of Fancy Fortune Cookies and desserts for only $15, which is $5 after your credit. Might be fun if you've got a party coming up!


I hope that helped give you all some ideas!

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