Thursday, May 19, 2011

50% Off Wee Squeak Shoes @ Zulily Today

When I was pregnant with The Bambina, I received a pair of pink patent Wee Squeak shoes for a review & giveaway. They fit her perfectly right now and we are in love with them! I actually bought her another pair in the next size up this morning, because I don't know how we'll live without them when her feet get too big!

Zulily has Wee Squeak shoes 50% off today! The selection is fantastic.

Although I love the squeaking noise so I can hear The Bambina when she's walking around somewhere (this girl is a fearless wanderer....), my hands down favorite part of the Wee Squeak shoes are the high quality of the patent material. This girl climbs, falls, crawls, and beats these shoes up in every way possible and there's not a scratch on the patent! They still look good as new, and I love that.

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