Friday, February 25, 2011

Watch Those February Adperk Videos!

Tomorrow (February 26th) is the last day to watch February videos to receive Video Values Coupons at Rite Aid's Adperk site. (The March SCR's don't begin until March 1st, but for some reason this month, the videos begin February 27th.) I notice that our videos disappear about 10PM MST on Saturday nights -- so make sure to login and watch before then!

When I post Rite Aid deals, I refer to all valid Adperk coupons, which often includes coupons for the previous month that can no longer be watched. So login today and watch all of your February videos so you'll be set for all of March's deals!


The Martin Family said...

Does that mean we get a new 4/20 next week?

Annalisa said...

Yup!!! Hallelujah, right? Feels like I've been waiting for forever.

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