Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Smith's Shopping Trip

I ran to Smith's last night after the kiddo was in bed because we were in desperate need of some eggs & bread. Also, I'm taking dinner (lasagna) to a family member on Thursday who has special dietary needs, so I had to buy some foil pans, special pasta sauce, lasagna noodles, mozzarella, etc.

Every time I'm leaving to the store I say to my hubby, "can you think of anything else we need?" I might as well not even ask him this, because his response is always the same: "hot pockets & taquitos."

I don't ever see those as a need the way he does, but this week I was able to fit his bill without breaking the budget. Only $0.28 for Totino's Pizza and $0.64 for the Tornados! (Plus, can you see the Tornados box? It says there's a BOGO coupon inside. Yahoo!)

I won't detail out everything I bought, but if you'd like to see this week's matchup, go HERE.

I purchased the foil pans in a separate transaction so I could use my $3 catalina right away to pay for them. Here's how things worked out:

Spent: $25.59 + tax
Saved: $23.99 (49%)


Abe and Lisa said...

Just a little side note. The dollar store sells foil pans. When I was in there last time they had some! So great because those things can be expensive!!

Annalisa said...

Thanks for sharing! I've never looked for them there, so I'll have to keep my eye out!

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