Friday, October 8, 2010

$0.86 Similac @ Walmart

The hubby and I are headed out of town with the Bambina (to Disneyland!) in a few minutes, but I wanted to mention this before we head off. (Don't worry, the important deal posts will continue as usual!)

I was at Walmart yesterday picking up a few last minute things for our trip when I checked out their formula prices. Their 1 liter (32 oz) ready-to-drink formula is priced at $3.86, so only $0.86 after THIS $3 coupon!

$3.86 Similac ready-to-feed formula, 1 liter
= $0.86

That comes out to $0.027 per fluid ounce! (Regular price of powdered Similac at Walmart is $0.16/fluid ounce.)

This same size formula is also ringing up at Rite Aid at $4.87 (regularly $6.99). It must be some sort of unadvertised deal. So if you're doing more scenarios at Rite Aid, you could work this one in as well.

$4.87 Similac ready-to-feed, 1 liter
= $1.87

(Comes to $0.058/fluid ounce.)

Happy weekend!

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