Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

Soooo....the Bambina is teething. We think. So I had to run to Rite Aid and get some Orajel (or else I was going to scratch my eyes out at 2 and 4 and 6 am). I found a $1 coupon for it in the inserts, and added a few other things to get to $20 so I could use the $5/20 RAQ.

$1.39 Gerber Baby Food x 4
$5.49 Nature's Bounty
$0.00 Nature's Bounty
$7.99 Baby Orajel
$1.29 Extra
-$5/20 RAQ
-$0.75/4 Gerber MFQ
-$1.39 B2G1 Gerber RAQ
-$2 Nature's Bounty MFQ
-$1 Nature's Bounty RAQ
-$1 Vitamin RAQ
-$1 Orajel MFQ
-$1.49 Wellness+ 10% discount
$5.70 + tax

All in all, I paid less for the whole transaction than it would have cost me for 1 tube of Orajel, even with the $1 MFQ. Pretty sweet deal! Plus I've got $5.00 towards the Gerber SCR #14. I'm lovin' this Wellness+ Card!

Go HERE to see more deals this week at Rite Aid.

P.S. She slept like a dream last night. Thank you, Orajel!

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